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    This Stuff Works!

    By Kerry on 09/14/2018

    Works great, I had a crack in my shop floor and seen termites coming to the top. I placed the bait in a plastic jug with the bottom cut out over the crack. then filled the jug with dirt around the bait. Had the top of the bait where I could remove the bait lid and look in. The termites didn't take very long to fill the bait tube. After about 30 days there were no more termites left. It evidently wiped out the colony. Thank You

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    Termitas out

    By Leonor on 06/24/2017

    An excellent product.

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    By Dean on 04/17/2020

    This product Is a good buy. Try pricing it somewhere else you will pay about twice the can keep product and make sure you store it right.

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    I'm not convinced

    By Eric on 09/13/2020

    I found and treated subterranean termites in an exterior wall, but also decided to install the HexPro shatter bait system around the house. Installation was a pain because my "soil" is more like impacted decomposed granite once you get an inch or two down. But I got it done. And sure enough, within 3 or 4 months, one of the stations that was in the vicinity of the infected wall, had termites munching on the pre-bait wood. So, as instructed, I pulled out the wood and replaced it with a shatter bait cartridge. I also installed another bait station with a shatter bait cartridge about a foot away from the first one. For this one I briefly soaked the bait with some sports drink (Gatorade Fruit Punch flavor, because everyone knows termites like fruit punch). After 2 weeks I checked them both and didn't see any termites crawling around either one. OK, maybe 2 weeks wasn't enough, although if they had already been attracted to the pre-bait wood, I expected that they would immediately continue with the it's designed to work. I checked them again 2 weeks later. Still no detectable termite feeding activity on the shatter bait after 4 weeks. I'm pretty skeptical at this point.

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)