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Shatter Termite Bait

Shatter Termite Bait is a bait designed for usage in the HexPro Termite Baiting System and contains the IGR (insect growth regulator) hexaflumuron. Shatter should be deployed in one of the HexPro stations after evidence of termite activity has been discovered. Once deployed, the bait cartridges must remain in the station as long as the termites continue to be active and feed from that station. After all termite activity has ceased you can replace the Shatter bait with a monitoring device.

DO NOT reuse Shatter bait stations as the termites who feed on the bait secrete a colony specific pheromone which may deter other termites from feeding on that station.

What is the active ingredient in Shatter termite bait that controls termites?

The active ingredient is hexaflumuron, an insect growth regulator that stops the termites’ vital molting process so they are unable to grow. As a result, they die. Hexaflumuron has demonstrated 10 years of in-field success killing, controlling and eliminating termites.

Why not just put Shatter termite bait in all the Hex-Pro termite stations right away?

Shatter termite bait can be placed in auxiliary Hex-Pro termite stations right away in areas where termite activity is suspected. Elsewhere, establishing feeding in the Hex-Pro termite station first is important because termite foraging can be unpredictable. Baiting all Hex-Pro termite stations offers no advantage in termite control.

How long does it take to control the termites?

Once the Hex-Pro System is installed, it can take from a few weeks to a few months for termites to enter the Hex-Pro termite stations, depending on time of year, geography, termite pressure and termite species. Once the termites enter the bait cartridges and begin feeding on Shatter termite bait, the process of termite control can begin. Colonies may begin to decline as quickly as four weeks after feeding on Shatter termite bait. It is important to remember that the termites’ natural behavior, upon which the Hex-Pro System depends, does vary with the factors mentioned above, so the time and effort needed to achieve control can vary as well.

Is the Hex-Pro Termite Baiting System effective against all types of termites?

Shatter termite bait used in the Hex-Pro System is effective against all economically important subterranean (not drywood) termite species in the continental United States and Hawaii. It does the job in varying soil, climate and geographic conditions.

What if a house is already infested with subterranean termites?

The Hex-Pro System will be installed to control the current termite infestation and the long-term threat. If the infestation is serious, the pest management professional may use an additional termite treatment for immediate, localized control.

Why don’t the termites just go between the Hex-Pro termite stations to reach the house?

Termites continuously search for new feeding sites, even though they may have already located an abundant food source. Termites also feed randomly among available food sites within their foraging area. Therefore, if termites are foraging on a property, they should find and attack the wood monitors in one or more of the Hex-Pro termite stations.

What if the termite colony is right beneath the house?

Even when termites have found a food source in a house, they are constantly looking for more food elsewhere and their range typically extends beyond the house. Hex-Pro termite stations are an easy target for foraging termites, because they are in the soil where subterranean termites live and forage.

When the termites are controlled, will the Hex-Pro termite stations be removed?

Once the current termite threat has been controlled by Shatter termite bait, another termite colony could invade the property. To keep the property protected, the Hex-Pro termite stations are left in the ground and the pest management professional will continue to monitor them for as long as the service agreement continues.

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    By Leonor in Miami on 06/24/2017

    An excellent product.

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12/27/2014 Charlie

QDoes the bait have a shelf life?

ASince the Shatter Bait comes sealed, if it remains that way and is kept out of extreme temperatures, the shelf life we be about 5 years.

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07/08/2014 Tania from Nebraska

QHow do I know when the Shatter termite bait is empty
Is there a way to tell when the cartridge is empty and needs to be replaced?

AShatter Termite Bait cartridge is clear so you will be able to see if the bait is gone or not.

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05/23/2014 Joe from Louisiana

QCan I install Shatter Termite Bait myself?
Should I pay the big bucks for an exterminator or =an I install the traps myself?

AYes, you can install Shatter Termite Bait yourself. Pest control Pros use the same products we sell. You would install the shatter bait in the Hexpro Baiting system if Termite activity is present. Please review the guidelines for the Hexpro Baiting System.

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04/21/2015 Geoff from Atlanta, Ga

QHow long does the Shatter Termite Bait last in ground typically?

AThe length of time that the Shatter Termite Bait will last in the soil will vary depending on activity. Per the product label, the monitoring and bait cartridges should be checked monthly or bi-monthly if termite activity is present in the area. The Shatter Termite Bait Cartridge is clear so you will be able to see if the bait is gone or not. If it is gone, you should replace.

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10/28/2016 Joe from Ma

QHow is Shatter different than Sentricon also made by Dow Agrosciences other than the shape?
Is the level of Hexaflumeron vary from shatter to sentricon?


The active ingredient in Shatter Bait is hexaflumuron, while the active ingredient in the Sentricon bait is noviflumuron. The Sentricon system is sold exclusively to licensed and certified professionals and is not available for sale to unlicensed homeowners. This means that a contract with a Certified Sentricon Specialist is required to inspect and maintain the stations, easily costing a homeowner several hundred dollars a year simply for maintenance. Because the replacement parts are proprietary, no parts by other manufacturers are interchangeable for use with Sentricon stations. 

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11/25/2016 Lee from Ellijay, Ga

QWill the Shatter Termite Bait fit in my current baiting system? We have a tube that is 7 1/4" x 1"
We have a system, installed before we bought the house. Have no sign of termites currently. Hoping not to have to buy a complete system


Shatter Termite Bait is 1.75 inches wide so would not fit in the stations you currently have.  Some stations can only be serviced by a professional company.  For example, with the Sentricon system, if that is what you have, the replacement pieces are only available to licensed professionals.

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05/13/2018 Scott from Antioch, Ca

QCan I use Shatter bait from the start?
I only visit my vacation home every 6 months. I am not available for monthly, bi-monthly monitoring. Can I use the Shatter cartridges right away?


Yes, you have the option to put Shatter Termite Bait in the termite bait stations prior to seeing any activity, but bare in mind that the bait is only viable for 90 days once opened.  Therefore will need to be replaced every 3 months to maintain effectiveness.  

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