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    I'm not convinced

    By Eric on 09/13/2020

    I found and treated subterranean termites in an exterior wall, but also decided to install the HexPro shatter bait system around the house. Installation was a pain because my "soil" is more like impacted decomposed granite once you get an inch or two down. But I got it done. And sure enough, within 3 or 4 months, one of the stations that was in the vicinity of the infected wall, had termites munching on the pre-bait wood. So, as instructed, I pulled out the wood and replaced it with a shatter bait cartridge. I also installed another bait station with a shatter bait cartridge about a foot away from the first one. For this one I briefly soaked the bait with some sports drink (Gatorade Fruit Punch flavor, because everyone knows termites like fruit punch). After 2 weeks I checked them both and didn't see any termites crawling around either one. OK, maybe 2 weeks wasn't enough, although if they had already been attracted to the pre-bait wood, I expected that they would immediately continue with the it's designed to work. I checked them again 2 weeks later. Still no detectable termite feeding activity on the shatter bait after 4 weeks. I'm pretty skeptical at this point.

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