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Snake Scram Professional

Snake Scram Professional contains all natural organic materials that won't harm humans or pets and is a superb repellent for ridding areas of snakes. These areas include stone and wood piles, around the foundations of sheds, homes, barns, garages, flower beds and gardens, near pools and other landscaped areas. Specially formulated, organic, non-toxic and environmentally safe to use. Snake Scram Professional is effective in repelling & deterring most snakes, including poisonous snakes. May be used in any climate or temperature.

Directions for Use:

Apply 1 lb per 600 sq ft. Apply by shaking granules in and around the area to be protected. The product should repel snakes immediately. If necessary, reapply as needed until snake activity ceases and no further snakes are observed.  Once repelling action has been established, reapply every two weeks. Reapply after heavy rain.

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05/08/2014 Melissa from Payne Springs, Tx

QDoes Snake Scram Professional work in repelling water moccasins ?

ASnake Scram Professional will repel water moccasins. Be sure to read the product label and reapply every 2 weeks.

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09/09/2016 Claudia from Harper, Iowa

QWill Snake Scram Professional make them vacate the premises if they are living in our basement now?
Will they come upstairs, or go outdoors?


When using Snake Scram Professional and you are trying to get snakes out of a basement area, you would want to cover 3 walls and leave one wall open for them to still get out. Do not use it on all four walls, or you will be running the risk of completely enclosing them in the area and pushing them to other areas within your home. If you are able to put the product in the area where there are access points to your upstairs that will certianly lessen the risk that they will choose to come upstairs as well. Please be sure you are following all the instructions for this product on the product label. We do also sell snake traps.

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04/19/2016 Edward from Colorado Springs

QHow many houses will a 22lb pail of Snake Scram Professional cover?


A 22lb pail of†Snake Scram Professional†will cover 6,600 sq ft.

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09/24/2014 Dieter from Kalamazoo, Michigan

QDoes Snake Scram Professional have any/strong odor?
Considering for use in crawlspace, but do not want a product with overpowering stench.

AWe would not recommend to apply Snake Scram Professional  in the crawl space as there is an ordor with the product. You can use glueboards in the crawlspace.

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10/15/2017 Jeff from Mountain Home, Ar

QIs Snake Scram Professional safe for pets?


The†Snake Scram Professional†is safe if used as directed. It should not be dispersed when the pets are present. Please refer to the product label for additional application information.

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06/30/2017 Donna from Ladera Ranch, Ca

QDoes Snake Scram Professional repel rattlesnakes?


Snake Scram Professional†is labeled to repel rattlesnakes when used as directed on the product label.

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