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    Solamist in Miami

    By Jesus on 09/29/2015

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    Ordered the solamist about 6 weeks ago and I am fairly happy with it. When I received it I got on the phone with the manufacturer for best way to set it up etc. They were very easy to work with so for that I was happy. The system does what it promises its going to do there are some nuances with the system which I have been in contact with the manufacturer about and they have shrugged their shoulders at the issue thus far. # 1 need to be within 5 to 7 feet of the unit when using the remote. Any more than that and the unit will not trigger. # 2 Mobile app interface does not trigger the unit to work. even with the unit and the phone both on the same Wifi network. This latter one they could not explain as they checked their servers and they see the message to spray come into the server but it never makes it to the unit. I tried the unit with the Solamist solution that it came with but although I did some mosquitoes who perished after the spray I still got sung a few times and had to abandon the outdoors. After speaking to Solamist team again they recommended Pyranha p10x as this should not clog the nozzles. I have only tried this once this past sunday and it felt pretty comfortable. maybe this will do the trick. I will post an update after a bit more time. Overall satisified with the product. Only reason I do not give it 5* is due to the mobile app feature which i believe needs improvement. I will remain in touch with solamist and provide an update if any improvements are observed.

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