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Sonar Aquatic Herbicide

Sonar Aquatic Herbicide is a selective systemic aquatic herbicide for managing aquatic vegetation. Sonar Aquatic Herbicide goes into vascular plants through the roots. This prevents weeds from making food, causing it to die. It has great widespread control and will move through the water.  If treatment is conducted in water, the specified concentration of Sonar Aquatic must be maintained for a minimum of 45 days. Herbicidal symptoms will appear within 7 to 10 days and appear as pink or white on the plants. It will take around 30 to 90 days before an optimal level of aquatic plant management is established. This product works best in minimal water flow and is less effective where there is rapid water. Applying prior to the beginning or initiation of growth will provide the best results. This product controls weeds for a year or more and is safe for fishing, swimming, or drinking. Sonar Aquatic Herbicide is the world's leading aquatic herbicide.

Sonar A.S. herbicide is a selective systemic aquatic herbicide for management of aquatic vegetation in fresh water ponds, lakes, reservoirs, drainage canals and irrigation canals, including dry or de-watered areas of these sites. Sonar A.S. is absorbed from water by plant shoots and from hydrosoil by the roots of aquatic vascular plants. For in-water treatments, it is important to maintain the specified concentration of Sonar A.S. in contact with the target plants for a minimum of 45 days. Rapid water movement or any condition which results in rapid dilution of Sonar A.S. in treated water will reduce its effectiveness. In susceptible plants, Sonar A.S. inhibits the formation of carotene. In the absence of carotene, chlorophyll is rapidly degraded by sunlight. Herbicidal symptoms of Sonar A.S. appear in seven to ten days and appear as white (chlorotic) or pink growing points. Under optimum conditions, 30 to 90 days are required before the desired level of aquatic plant management is achieved with Sonar A.S. Species susceptibility to Sonar A.S. may vary depending on time of year, stage of growth, and water movement.

For best results, apply Sonar A.S. prior to initiation of weed growth or when weeds begin active growth. Application to mature target plants may require an application rate at the higher end of the specified rate range and may take longer to control.

Sonar A.S. is not corrosive to application equipment.

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09/26/2016 Tom from Fowler, Michigan

QHow much Sonar Aquatic Herbicide is needed to treat a 3 acre pond?


When using Sonar Aquatic Herbicide to treat a pond the amount needed can very depending on the average water depth of the treatment site in feet. There is a chart on page 3 of the product label that shows how many quarts are needed per acre based on that water depth.

Application rates are provided in ounces or quarts of Sonar A.S to achieve a desried concentration of the active ingredient in parts per billion (ppb).The maxium application rate or sum of all applications rates is 90 ppb in ponds and 150 ppb in lake, reserviors and static canals per annual growth cycle.

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