What is Spinosad?

Spinosad (pronounced "spin-OH-sid") is an active ingredient pesticide derived from fermentation of naturally occurring organisms found in soil samples. It is very similar to other fermented pesticides but lasts more than twice as long and has a faster speed of control. Spinosad is valued for uniquely combining the best properties of both synthetic and biological pest control products and boasts broad-spectrum control over some of the more difficult vegetable pests.

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A natural insecticide that kills the ant queen and the Mound that begins to see dead ants in 24 Hours for home lawns and plants.
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An insecticide bait for slugs and snails and others to protect the gardens fruits, vegetables and berries for up to 4 weeks.
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A granular bait which provides effective control against bugs, slugs and snails.


Spinosad controls a wide variety of pests including fleas, caterpillars, fruit flies, spider mites, fire ants, leaf beetle larvae, thrips, leaf miners and leaf beetle larvae to name only a few.  It is recommended as one component of Integrated Pest Management for greenhouses because it does not target beneficial insects such as ladybugs and predatory mites. Another common use of Spinosad is as an anti-flea medication for dogs and cats.

Mode of Action

When target pests ingest or simply come into contact with the active ingredient Spinosad, it causes rapid excitation of that insect's nervous system. It will then die within one to two days. Spinosad is valued as an active ingredient in part because it has little effect on non-target predatory pests.


Spinosad carries the signal word CAUTION on its label. There is little known risk to workers and applicators and no specific protection requirements are listed. Spinosad shows very low toxicity to mammals if ingested.

Products Containing Spinosad

Spinosad Landscape and Garden Insecticide
Captain Jacks Deadbug Brew Concentrate

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