Sprayable U-Maxx 47-0-0


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Sprayable U-Maxx 47-0-0 bag (50 lbs)
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Sprayable U-Maxx 47-0-0

U-Maxx stabilized nitrogen can adapt easily to fit most liquid feeding programs. It can easily be dissolved and added as a soluble nitrogen source from its dry form to be used in spray applications. This superior stabilized nitrogen fertilizer will help to control loss of nitrogen due to volatilization of ammonia, and it reduces potential for leaching and denitrification. Its stable, long lasting performance will provide a consistent green color desired by golf course superintendents and landscape professionals. It performs with consistent results regardless of weather or soil temperature. For best results, store U-Maxx in a clean, dry place, and use only clean, dry spreaders.

  • Performs consistently regardless of soil temperature or weather
  • Performs as well as a granular nitrogen component in blends or as a soluble nitrogen source
  • Compatible with typical tank mixes
  • Provides exceptional turf color and quality
  • Delivers quick green-up without burn
  • Provides consistent color response for up to 12 to 16 weeks
  • Improves nitrogen efficiency by protecting against nitrogen loss from volatilization, dentrification and leaching
  • Virtually eliminates nitrogen loss due to mower pick-up
  • Provides cost savings over most competitive nitrogen sources

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02/23/2017 Claude from Richmond, Ky

QHow many gallons will a bag make when mixed with water


The Sprayable U-Maxx is applied at 2-4 lbs per 100 gallons of water depending on the square footage being treated. Please refer to the product label for details on the dilution chart.

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08/22/2017 Tb from Ga

QWhat does #N/M on the Sprayable U-Maxx 47-0-0 product label mean?


#N/M on the†Sprayable U-Maxx 47-0-0†product label means pounds (#) of nitrogen (N) per 1000 sqft. (M)

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06/20/2016 Bob from Jacksonville, Fl

QCan U-Maxx be mixed with Blindside to treat St. Augustine Grass?
Will it affect Blindsides effectiveness?


Yes, U-Maxx can be mixed with Blindside Herbicide. We do recommend doing a small tank mixture to ensure there is no clumping. This product will not decrease the effectiveness of Blindside.

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