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    This seed did not take root in my yard

    By Linda on 03/23/2022

    Something is wrong with my yard or these seeds or both, but they did not take root. So I gave it three stars. I need help. Can I get some advice on how to plant and grow seeds on tan dirt?

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    We do apologize that the grass seed you purchased is not growing as expected. We have spoken with the manufacturer and they have stated that the only time they have seen the seed fail to germinate was when it was planted too deep, where it could not get the right amount of sunlight and moisture to grow or prep work was not done completely. Seeding a lawn does take time and the right conditions and prep work to ensure success and if everything that needs to be done is not happening, then the seed will not germinate until it is done. Many people do not understand this and just throw the seed down, water for a time and assume it will work. They have advised us to ask firstly, what are you seeing at this moment? Also, we have been asked to confirm the following questions.. Are there weeds in the area that can shade/crowd the soil that the seed is in and prevent it from getting sunlight? Are you treating these weeds? Are you seeing any seedlings of the grass at all? What type of ground prep did you do before laying down the seed? Did you apply any type of pre-emergent herbicide prior to seeding, if so when? From ground prep until now, what have you done? Are you still watering the lawn, if so how often? How often are you mowing? We appreciate your response and cooperation in working with us to provide more information about your application.

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