Sugar Beet Crush Lick-N-Brick Block

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Sugar Beet Crush Lick-N-Brick Block block (4 lb)

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Sugar Beet Crush Lick-N-Brick Block - CASE (6 x 4 lb blocks)Sugar Beet Crush Lick-N-Brick Block - CASE (6 x 4 lb blocks) case (6 x 4 lb blocks)

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Sugar Beet Crush Lick-N-Brick Block

Sugar Beet Crush Lick-N-Brick Block contains real Sugar Beets that have been blended and crushed with fresh heat processed beans. It has been made into a concentrated attractant. This is the original Sugarbeet Crush formula, just in a time released block. Deer will go crazy over Sugar Beets and this block is easy to use. Just place it in front of your scouting camera and you are set to go. It is perfect to be used early season through the late season.

Little Giant Wire Salt Block Holder

Picking the right location to establish your site is very important to site success. Deer instinctively want to conceal themselves from predators, therefore we recommend selecting a shaded area on the edge of a deer crossing where deer naturally conceal themselves. We also recommend choosing a site at least 10' off normally active deer trails. Sugar Beet Crush Lick-N-Brick works well in a wide range of soil types; but, keep in mind that heavier clay type soils will hold the minerals for a longer period of time; whereas, the sandier soils tend to lose the minerals a little sooner. If you are in a sandy soil area, we recommend using our Block to keep the minerals available for a longer period of time. When establishing your mineral site, also consider that acidic soil sites have proven to have heavier deer activity than alkaline soil sites.

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