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DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...


"Pest control was charging me $85 every time they came out to treat the inside and exterior of my home. I now continue treatment with the product I purchase here at a greater discount. Any questions you have on any product sold here will be answered with the truth. It's not like when you go to a store and whatever your inquiring about always seems to be the product the salesman/saleswoman uses themselves and it always works good or great. I use Onslaught Fast Cap for spiders and scorpions and it has worked just as good or better than the pest control companies. We use to have scorpions all over inside and outside. Now they are only found living away from my home and I have just increased the spraying area around the house and I only find dead or dying scorpions inside the area I have sprayed. Start by spraying every 2 weeks for the first 2 months then monthly for the next 2-3 months then every 2 months. Keep in mind overspraying reduces the effect of chemicals. To be more specific on how often to spray I recommend talking to a professional as what I stated may not be 100% accurate. All I know is that it works for me. Follow mixing directions and you can't go wrong. You will also find that these products will also kill some friendly insects that you don't want to harm and some that you didn't think it would get rid of. There may not be a need to purchase multiple products as you read the labels most of them will be a cure-all for you."



"This stuff if GREAT! Been using it for 6yrs now , saving my family, friends and pocket book! Pest control was a rip off! They say it doesn't work on lice but a family member had a bad problem with them and after they did head treatment they did their house beds, cars, and outdoor furniture! Great stuff like I said!!!! Thanks"



"Just a quick thank you to your company, knowledge, videos and great customer service. I live in the High Desert of California and we had some serious roaches as well as other pests starting to invade our newly purchased home. After the cockroaches sufficiently frightened my little girls I convinced my wife to give Bifen I/T 7.9% a go. A small investment for a huge product. I sincerely thank you so much for carrying these products at an incredible price. Talstar P was $50 for a small container on Amazon. You gave me the power to control the pests in my home and area. I am a hero to my wife and kids because they can sit in our house and not be bothered by a huge cockroach scurrying across our floor. Again, thank you so much!"



"Extraordinary customer service agents in chat and on the phone are extremely knowledgeable of any bug issue and patient describing the steps to follow and products to use. This was wonderful and informative new customer experience that should be the basis for all successful companies to follow."



"Fast shipping, excellent products...RELIABLE products, outstanding results."

Pottstown, PA