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DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...


"Fast shipping. Trap door is easy to adjust and set. The trap is made well and strong. First night got a skunk Rear Sliding Door is nice to have. Would buy again. Ted W"

Fort Mojave AZ.


"Okay, this is the BEST! We had a bad German roach problem, and they are gone! I received the stuff two weeks ago, and I'm so happy. This is the second morning I have woke up with no roaches, or any on the sticky pads. I also have enough stuff to last a year. I'm telling y'all to buy this product now, don't wait, it works! "

Fayetteville NC


"Fantastic website and products! Unfortunately I have needed pest control help twice now, once for silverfish in our home and then for roaches at one of my kids homes. We did use an exterminator once, but it seems far more effective to study what is available on their website for your particular problem, order what you need and then stay on top of the problem. Their faq's are fantastic, no matter what your issue is, and if you need to learn about pet safety, etc for the product chosen. They even have some videos to watch on youtube so you know how to apply the product properly. Thanks for being such a great company to work with, and I appreciate that it is also easy to find a coupon code."

orchard park, ny


"I placed my order and it shipped shortly after. I received a message from FedEx that it was damaged. No sooner did I receive another email, this time from Do My Own saying the replacement was shipped. It didn't lose time getting here that's for sure. Fantastic service both from FedEx and certainly Do My Own. No hesitation it was just fixed and shipped immediately. Extremely impressed. Thank you."

Port Charlotte, FL


"Omg!!!! This stuff is amazing! Received my orderThursday. Put small amount all over my kitchen. Made sure the roaches didn't have anything to feed on but the Advion. The next morning my kitchen floor was covered. I swept the kitchen and left for a few hours and when I returned the floor was covered again. Let me just say I have been fighting with this problem for years. I have had contract with Terminix, mom and pop exterminators. You name it I've done it. I'm very excited about this product. "

Houston, Texas