Our Customers Say it Best

DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...


"I've been a long-time customer since the mid-90s, locally when I lived in Snellville and after moving out of state, with the help of the internet. They have solved my problems with fleas, indoors and outdoors, general pesticide indoors for all the insects that can make it into your house, swarming termites in the crawlspace that had been ignoring the "termite treatment plan" that was part of the home owner's real estate requirement to be able to sell his house to us. They even got rid of German Cockroaches that our son had brought home in his electronics after college graduation. Their website is easy to navigate (I'm retired) and they have lots of very informative videos on how to use each product for whatever infestation you may have. If you aren't sure exactly which pest is there, they have hundreds of photos of all kinds of insects, flying, crawling, poisonous, non-poisonous, really thorough. They also welcome questions, calls or email, they will help you. I just had Amber help me recently with an ant problem in my minivan. My husband used it to take a trip with his buddy who has a bad back and then didn't clean out all the fast food bags that were loaded with food scraps that they just tossed in the back as they drove. We live out in the country and park on a gravel drive. A week later I'm driving to the grocery store and ants start crawling up my legs and biting me. I'm allergic to ant bites so I immediately got an email off to DoMyOwn about it and got an answer back the next day. I ordered the recommended products and they arrived very well packaged, as usual, in a timely manner, considering Covid. I will always be a faithful customer because they really know their business and superior customer service is their way of doing that business. Now that I think about it, I bet with a little research $, they could fix this Covid-19 problem as well!"

Hayden, AL


"I have spent my life in 2 of the most critical and professionally demanding industries. My roll has been primarily in the operational side of such industries which means, failure is not an option. I am horrified by the standards (or lack thereof) of today industries or governance. This means, I am a stanch critic of just about everything. Having said that, I am absolutely delighted with the performance of “Do My Own” Thank you gentlemen, you are refreshing. Thank you Mr. Heath. Raul Nobili"

Miami, FL


"Ordered Hi-Yield Triclopyr Ester for Bermuda grass problems! Applied two applications according to directives...waiting to apply third, and I’m already impressed with product results! I am equally impressed with this online company! Competitive pricing, quick delivery, helpful and professional staff, worry free ordering...couldn’t ask for more! Thank you!"



"Today was my first purchase from your company. I read your story and checked out all the pictures. You seem to be a relative young group of individuals. That makes my heart happy. Back in the early 80's my husband started two small businesses that were extremely successful. I am now 74 so it always makes me happy to see younger generations have what it takes to start and grow a company. I wish you nothing but success! Sue Smith"

Pawleys Island, SC


"I spend my professional hours during the day working the farm, and its extremely nice to be able to get ahold of the exact products I know that work to get that golf course lawn."