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Virginia Buttonweed

How to Check for Virginia Buttonweed

Where is Virginia Buttonweed Found?

By DoMyOwn staff

Virginia Buttonweed is a broadleaf weed that grows low and quickly spreads throughout lawns and garden beds. The deep roots of the weed can make it difficult to remove, which is why you want to make sure you know exactly where your weed is growing before you select a treatment plan. Read below to learn more about where Virginia Buttonweed is found.

Where Does Virginia Buttonweed Grow in Your Yard?

Virginia Buttonweed is often found in moist and wet areas of a lawn. If you have irrigation and flooding issues in your lawn, you are most likely to see Virginia Buttonweed in those areas.

The weed also thrives where there is weak, thin turf. Areas that see a lot of walking traffic or pet traffic, are affected by drought, and are near playgrounds may be susceptible to Virginia Buttonweed.

When Does Virginia Buttonweed Grow?

Virginia Buttonweed emerges above ground between April and May in most states and continues to grow throughout the summer. The weed is strongest in July and August, which is why treatments should happen before mid-summer.

Where is Virginia Buttonweed Found in the USA?

Virginia Buttonweed is found throughout the southeast United States. It is also found in east coast states below New York, and western to Missouri, and along the Gulf Coast.

Have Virginia Buttonweed in your lawn? Learn how to get rid of it in our Virginia Buttonweed Treatment Guide. Click the right arrow below to read more.

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