Thiophanate-methyl (TM)

What is Thiophanate-methyl?

Thiophanate-Methyl (TM) is a systemic fungicide found in Clearys 3336g. It was first registered to be used as a fungicide by the EPA in 1973.

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A professional fungicide that controls a broad range of ornamental and turf-grass diseases.
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A professional broad spectrum fungicide that controls root and stem rot diseases on ornamental and nursery plants in a wettable powder.
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An excellent ornamental systemic fungicide formulated to control ornamental plant diseases and treat bulbs after digging for over-wintering.


TM is typically used on tree, vine, and root crops, in addition to wheat and canola. Homeowners use TM on ornamentals and lawns.


There are various ways TM can be applied. Some common applications are broadcast (aerial), band (chemigation), or soil drench (ground equipment).  Thiophanate-methyl may be applied as a dip treatment for rose budwood, nursery stock and cut flowers, or for potato pieces and peanuts as a seed treatment. TM is applied on the majority of crop by postemergent broadcast.


Thiophanate-Methyl is a Low Acute Toxicity chemical.

Products Containing Thiophanate-Methyl

Clearys 3336g Granular Fungicide
Clearys 3336F Fungicide

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