Southern Ag Thiomyl Systemic Fungicide

Southern Ag Thiomyl Systemic Fungicide

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Product Overview

Southern Ag Thiomyl is a powerful fungicide that prevents annual and perennial flowers from turf diseases. Contains an active ingredient that is proven to be effective in controlling a wide range of plant diseases such as root, crown, and stem rots on ornamental plants. It is guaranteed to be an excellent solution to bulbs after digging for over-wintering. This broad-spectrum systemic fungicide is also beneficial to Deciduous and Evergreen trees and shrubs and controls various types of leaf spots like Black spot on roses. Best applied with a ground or overhead equipment to provide equal coverage. Available in 6 oz. bottle.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Thiophanate-methyl - 50 %
Target pests Stem, crown & root rots, leaf spots such as Black Spot of Roses.
For use in Roses, many ornamentals, and bulbs as a bulb dip.
Application Mix with water, apply as a full volume foliar spray.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label.
Yield Spray: 2 Tsp per gal Turf: 1-2 oz per 1,000 sq ft.
Formulation Wettable Powder.
Special Features May be used on roses, ornamental plants, and bulbs as a bulb dip.
Shipping Weight 0.51 lbs
Manufacturer Southern Ag (Mfg. Number: 12909)
UPC 051538129091
EPA Registration 1001-63-829



IT IS A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW TO USE THIS PRODUCT IN A MANNER INCONSISTENT WITH ITS LABELING. Not for use on plants being grown for sale or other commercial use, or for commercial seed production, or for research purposes. For use on plants intended for aesthetic purposes or residential grounds. 

For use on ornamentals only.

Resistance Management: To avoid the development of tolerant strains of fungi, Thiomyl should be used with fungicides of different modes of action. Southern Agricultural does not recommend the use of products containing thiabendazole in combination or rotation with Thiomyl. These utilize similar chemistry and mode of action and can contribute to the development of disease tolerance. If, after using Thiomyl as recommended, the treatment is not effective, a tolerant strain of fungi may be present. Consult your local Thiomyl Chemical representative, your State Agricultural Experiment Station, or your State Cooperative Extension Service for proper disease identification and advice on the prompt use of some other suitable fungicide or disease control strategy. As long as recommended precautions are followed, Thiomyl can remain useful for disease control.

Mixing Instructions:  Thiomyl consists of a loose powder inside a protective outer resealable package. Add the required amount of Thiomyl to a partially filled tank (1/2 total volume) and agitate by mechanical means while adding the remaining required amount of water. Once the product has completely dissolved, add tank mix product if used (see below). Do not tank mix Thiomyl with copper-containing materials or with highly alkaline pesticides, such as Bordeaux mixture or lime sulfur. High pH environments cause a shortened tank life for the product. Buffer the tank water to pH 6-7 prior to the addition of Thiomyl. Cleary's NutriGrow Magnum may be used for pH buffering by adding one teaspoon per gallon. Continuous agitation is recommended to keep the material in proper suspension. For best results, use spray mixture the same day it is prepared.

Tank mixing instructions: Thiomyl is compatible with most commonly used pesticides. If tank mixing with other materials, add products in the following order: water-soluble bags, wettable powders, dry flowable, liquid flowable, emulsifiable concentrates, and soluble materials such as fertilizers. No claim of compatibility with other products is implied. Do not tank mix with copper-containing materials or with highly alkaline pesticides, such as Bordeaux mixture or lime sulfur (see Mixing Instructions). Consult the intended tank mix partner product label for appropriate application rates and use instructions. Follow the label directions for the most restrictive of label precautions and limitations. This product cannot be mixed with any product containing a label prohibition against such mixing. Read and observe the most restrictive precautionary statements and other information appearing on product labels used in mixtures. Thiomyl may be applied in conjunction with chemically neutral liquid fertilizers. Application in conjunction with highly alkaline fertilizers, such as aqueous ammonia, may cause a degradation of the pesticide, resulting in reduced performance and should be avoided. Tank mix products containing boron or resealable free chlorine will affect the solubility of water-soluble (PVA) film. Thoroughly rinse the spray tank of any boron-containing spray solution prior to adding any water-soluble bags. Even minimal carryover concentrations of boron in the spray tank may cause the water-soluble bag material dissolved in water to precipitate and form insoluble residue inside the spray tank.


Annual and Perennial Flowers, Bedding Plants, Foliage Plants, Ground Covers, plus Deciduous and Evergreen Trees and Shrubs.

Not intended for homeowner use on vegetables. Do not apply to home orchards/fruit trees. Do not use fruits or nuts from treated trees as food or feed.

Thiomyl is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide which controls a variety of foliar, stem, and root diseases on a wide range of commercially important plants. Thiomyl is also effective as a pre-plant dip on cuttings and bulbs. For soil drench applications, best crop protection is achieved with preventive treatments repeated every 21-28 days. For foliar applications, begin treatments when the disease first appears, or during suspected periods of diseases incidence. Apply additional application every 7-14 days or as otherwise instructed for the prevention or control of the listed diseases. Use of a wetting agent is recommended for plants that have leaves that are difficult to wet properly. Use of a spreader-stick is recommended to enhance product performance in wet weather conditions or during periods of overhead irrigation. Thiomyl may be applied as a ground application using handheld, mechanical or motorized spray equipment where applicable. See specific instructions below. For foliar and drench applications, do not exceed 1.8 pounds active ingredient per acre (3.6 lbs. of Thiomyl product) in a single application.

Note: The "Directions for Use" of the product reflects the cumulative inputs from both historical field use and product testing programs. However, it is impossible to test this product on all species and cultivars. A preliminary trial; is suggested on a small scale before a full treatment is applied to any plant type not shown on this label but found in a similar use site with a listed disease problem. Wait 5-7 days after treatment to evaluate results. This product is not recommended for use on Swedish Ivy (Nephrolepis exhalta), Boston Fern (Plectranthus australis), and Easter Cactus (Hatiora gaertneri). 

Application Instructions

Apply material with properly calibrated handheld, mechanical or motorized spray equipment. Begin applications when the disease first appears and repeat at 7-14 day intervals or as needed during the growing season. Use the shortest interval when conditions are unusually favorable for the development of the disease. For handheld, mechanical or motorized applications, mix 1-4 teaspoons of Thiomyl per one gallon water and apply as a full coverage spray to drip for the prevention and control of the diseases listed. Continuous agitation is required to keepthe product in suspension. The maximum application rate is 1.8 lbs. ai per acre per application (3.6 lbs. of Thiomyl).

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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What is the shelf life once Southern Ag Thiomyl Systemic Fungicide is mixed with water?

Once mixed with water, Southern Ag Thiomyl Systemic Fungicide will need to be sprayed within 24 hours. 

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