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Tide Paclo 2SC

Tide Paclo 2SC is an interesting product, using the chemical Paclobutrazol to slow the growth of your turf grass, trees and other ornamental plants. Potentially decreasing the growth of your plants by 50%, this product will save you hours of labor. Tide Paclo 2SC is also easy to apply. Just mix the product with water according to the instructions in the bottom description below, depending on what plant you are applying it to and you will get great results quickly.

Tide Paclo 2SC is a systemic plant growth regulator that slows vegetative growth by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis for use on turfgrass and trees. For turf, when Tide Paclo 2SC is applied as directed, vertical growth of turf will be slowed within 3-10 days, resulting in reduced mowing frequency for a 6- to 8- week period. Following Tide Paclo 2SC applications, turf will gradually undergo increased greening and density, which may persist up to 12 weeks. For trees, Tide Paclo 2SC reduces the above ground vegetative growth and changes specific morphological characteristics of the tree plant. Tide Paclo 2SC is most effective when applied to the soil near the base of the tree either by soil injection or with basal soil drench.

Tide Paclo 2SC, a specialty plant growth regulator that slows vertical grass growth and reduces mowing for up to two (2) months after application. The frequency of mowing can be reduced by up to 50% during the period of effective retardation. Use of Tide Paclo 2SC on fine turf should be accompanied by moderate-to-high fertility to maintain turfgrass appearance and reduce discoloration.


Turf Application Rate (Product amount / a.i.- lbs per acre) Application(s) May Result
St Augustine,
Bermuda & similar
warm season grasses
0.5 lbs. a.i./ 32 fl. oz prod/acre
(Sandy soil)
0.75 lbs a.i.
48 fl. oz prod/A
(Clay soil)
Reduced mowing for 6-8 weeks on established hybrid bermudagrass, bent grass and perennial ryegrass fairways, tees and roughs and on St. Augustine grass and Kentucky bluegrass/ perennial ryegrass turf. Reduce potential for scalping and increase turf density and tighterknit of all turfgrass areas.
Bluegrass, Rye, Fescue, Bent &
similar cool season
(except putting

0.25 to 0.50 lbs a.i. 16 -32 fl oz prod/A 

Reduce by 50% if Poa annua is a major turfgrass population

Suppression of Poa annua by reducing its growth and its compatibility, leading to selective control after prolonged use.
Bentgrass Putting
Greens &
0.10 to 0.25 lbs a.i.
6.4 -16 fl oz prod/A
See above.

Apply Tide Paclo 2SC with standard pressurized application equipment with by-pass or mechanical agitation using 50 mesh strainer to turf in sufficient amount of water (minimum 1 gal water /1,000 sq ft.= 43.5 gals/Ac) to ensure spray coverage uniformly to turf and to avoid skipping and/or overlapping. For best results, use 2 to 5 gals water /1,000 sq ft. and apply 0.25 inch of water within 24 hours after application to remove product from foliage and onto soil surface. Tide Paclo 2SC can be used any time when established hybrid bermudagrass and St. Augustinegrass are green, actively growing and have recovered from dormancy after winter. Tide Paclo 2SC can be applied in spring after green-up and after turf has been mowed once or twice. Apply at least 1 month before onset of high air temperatures. In late summer/early fall, apply at least 1 month before anticipated first killing frost. Apply anytime after overseeded turf has established itself successfully. Do not apply after March 15th to avoid delay in Bermudagrass green-up. Maintain moderate soil moisture conditions before and after each application to achieve best plant growth retardation effect.

A repeat application of Tide Paclo 2SC within the same growing season may be made 8 weeks apart for growth regulation & 4 to 6 weeks apart for color, quality enhancement after the initial application. Do not make more than 3 applications per calendar year. Do not apply more than 4 quarts per acre per year (2 lbs. a.i./A).  Tide Paclo 2SC will not prevent seedhead production if used alone. A tank mixture for a spray program using a seed head control agent (Embark®) is required when seedhead visibility is a problem. If Embark is used for Poa annua seedhead control, apply Tide Paclo 2SC at least 14 days after the Embark application. Weed, Insect and Diseases: If crabgrass or other annual grassy weeds have been a problem in the past, an application of an appropriate preemergence weed control product should be made before the use of Tide Paclo 2SC. Space applications of Tide Paclo 2SC and preemergence product (Goosegrass/Crabgrass Preventer) at least 4 weeks apart. Broadleaf weeds are not significantly affected by Tide Paclo 2SC. To control the growth of weeds, treat with an appropriate herbicide when weeds are actively growing. Carefully follow label directions. If a weed, disease, or insect problem occurs after application of Tide Paclo 2SC, apply control product at the recommended rate. Tide Paclo 2SC is compatible with most existing control products. A compatibility test should be conducted with product(s) with which you do not have prior experience. Excessive irrigation and/or nitrogen fertilization may shorten period of growth regulation. Regulator response will vary somewhat according to turf variety. For St. Augustinegrass, Bitter Blue will be the most responsive and Floratam the least responsive.


Sensitivity/Activity Cultivar Period of Growth Regulation Period of Color Response
Medium/Good Tifway I, II 5 - 6 weeks 6 - 8 weeks
High/Excellent Tifgreen, Ormond 6 - 8 weeks 8 - 10 weeks
Low/Moderate Floratam, Floralawn 4 - 6 weeks 5 - 8 weeks
Medium/Good Floratine, Raleigh, Texas, Common 6 - 7 weeks 7 - 8 weeks
High/Excellent Bitter Blue, Seville 7 - 8 weeks 8 - 10 weeks


  • Not for use on bermudagrass putting greens except for winter overseeding enhancement use.
  • Not for use on athletic fields under heavy traffic where maximum growth potential of turf is desired.
  • Not for use on shrubs, flowers, fruits, or vegetable plants (applications to turf areas under trees will not affect/harm trees).
  • Do not use during periods of extreme dry or cold weather conditions, or during heavy insect or disease activity.
  • Do not apply product when soil is already saturated. Heavy rainfall or irrigation in the treated areas may cause active ingredient to move laterally on slopes and collect in low areas.These areas may undergo more severe growth control for a longer period of time.
  • Do not use on areas containing greater than 70% Poa annua, since discoloration of Poa may be unacceptable.
  • Delay treatment of newly-sodded or sprigged turf until grass has knitted down and rooted firmly.
  • Delay sprigging for at least 4 weeks and sodding at least 2 weeks after application is made.
  • Withhold application on large turf areas that have been thinned from winter drainage, disease, or insects until desired fill-in is achieved.
  • Assure that dosage rates are measured accurately since rates greater than those recommended may cause undesirable turf growth control and may discolor areas temporarily.
  • Do not mow treated grass for at least three days following application.
  • Do not use on areas to be cultivated for food or food crops or to be resown with grasses within two years of treatment.
  • Do not apply more than 4 qts. per acre per year (2 lbs. a.i./A).
  • Do not graze treated areas or harvest for forage or hay.
  • Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation equipment.


Tide Paclo 2SC as tree growth regulator is a xylem mobile plant growth regulator that slows vegetative growth by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis. Tide Paclo 2SC reduces vegetative growth thereby reducing the volume of woody growth that must be removed from trees when trimming occurs and may extend the trimming cycle. Tide Paclo 2SC is equally effective when applied as a basal soil drench or by soil injection. Tide Paclo 2SC can be used on listed trees found in areas such as utility rights-of-way, urban environments, residential areas and other non-crop areas.

Symptoms of Growth Regulation

Tide Paclo 2SC demonstrates little or no phloem mobility. Activity occurs following root uptake and xylem translocation throughout the tree canopy. Symptoms of growth regulation may not be visible for up to 18 months following application of Tide Paclo 2SC. Initial effects of Tide Paclo 2SC may be observed as intense greening of foliage with no resulting phytotoxicity. At the time when normal vegetative growth extension should occur, trees treated with Tide Paclo 2SC will exhibit shortened internodes which may be somewhat thickened. Smaller leaf size and enhanced flowering may also be observed in some species.


Application Timing
Applications can be made throughout the year, weather permitting, except when soil is frozen or saturated with water.

Note: Tide Paclo 2SC is absorbed by plant roots and translocated to the growing tissues in response to evaporative water loss (transpiration). If applications are made after fall leaf drop, uptake of Tide Paclo 2SC will not occur until development of new leaves in the spring and resumption of transpiration.

Mixing Directions
Mix 317 ml (10.7 fl oz) of Tide Paclo 2SC with water to make one gallon of diluted mixture. One gallon of Tide Paclo 2SC will make 12 gallons of diluted mixture. To improve the handling characteristics of the diluted mixture, the addition of a suspension aid is recommended such as, nonionic and organosilicone surfactants. Follow all label directions and precautions on the product label of the suspension aid.

Application Methods
Tide Paclo 2SC may be applied as a basal drench or by soil injection. Treat only trees that are well established in their final location. Treatment of trees less than 4 inches in diameter is not recommended.

Basal Drench
Apply the required dose [total ml required for the application rate and tree size (DBH)] uniformly around the base of the tree at the point of contact between the soil and the tree trunk. The diluted mixture of Tide Paclo 2SC may be carefully poured around the tree or an applicator which provides a controlled rate of flow may be used. If there is potential for rainfall or irrigation to move surface applied product to non-target plants, apply Tide Paclo 2SC diluted mixture to the bottom of a shallow furrow around the base of the tree. After applying, refill the furrow with untreated soil.

Soil Injection
The diluted mixture of Tide Paclo 2SC should be injected approximately 6 inches deep. Use soil injection equipment capable of delivery at 100 to 200 psi. Injection orifices should be oriented to release the diluted product horizontally at the point of injection. The required dose should be divided evenly among injection sites spaced as uniformly as possible around the tree trunk. The injection sites should be positioned to release Tide Paclo 2SC diluted mixture as close as possible to the point
of contact between soil and unthickened bark beneath the soil so that the active ingredient may be readily absorbed by the tree. Injection sites should also be located next to buttress roots. For trees less than 6 inches DHB, use at least 4 evenly spaced injection sites per tree.

Amount of Tide Paclo 2SC Diluted Mixture Required for
Specific Application Rates and Tree Sizes

Diameter of Tree at Breast Height (DBH) (inches) 50 ml per
inch DBH
100 ml per
inch DBH
150 ml per
inch DBH
200 ml per
inch DBH
4 200 400 600 800
5 250 500 750 1000
6 300 600 900 1200
7 350 700 1050 1400
8 400 800 1200 1600
9 450 900 1350 1800
10 500 1000 1500 2000
12 600 1200 1800 2400
14 700 1400 2100 2800
16 800 1600 2400 3200
18 900 1800 2700 3600
20 1000 2000 3000 4000
22 1100 2200 3300 4400
24 1200 2400 3600 4800
26 1300 2600 3900 5200
28 1400 2800 4200 5600
30 1500 3000 4500 6000
32 1600 3200 4800 6400
34 1700 3400 5100 6800
36 1800 3600 5400 7200


  • Apply at recommended rates and follow safety procedures.
  • Trees not used for food production that are not specifically listed on this label may be treated if all other label directions are followed.
  • Trees which are severely stressed due to moisture, temperature, low soil fertility, or exhibit mechanical or chemical injury should not be treated.
  • Do not reapply Tide Paclo 2SC until symptoms from previous applications begin to subside.
  • If soil is heavily compacted or a high water table exists, use of a registered tree growth regulator such as Cutless* Tree Implants may be more satisfactory.
  • Basal drench and soil injection application of Tide Paclo 2SC may result in localized, temporary discoloration of turfgrass immediately adjacent to the treatment site.
  • Avoid basal drench applications on slopes or other areas where Tide Paclo 2SC or treated soil may be washed away from the base of the tree by rainfall or irrigation.
  • Treatment of trees bordered by shrubs and/or herbaceous ornamentals may cause these plants to be affected if their roots extend into the treatment zone.
  • Do not treat sugar maple trees or any other trees that are or could be tapped for sugar.
  • Do not treat nut or fruit trees that will be harvested within one year.

Chemigation: Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

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06/10/2015 Cale from Waterloo, Il

QLooking for a surfactant to use, what do you recommend?
We are having a problem with this product settling out of suspension, we are needing a good surfactant.

AWe would recommend using a non-ionic surfactant with Tide Paclo 2SC. You will use 1-2 teaspoons per gallon of water.

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