Amtide Tide Paclo 2SC Plant Growth Regulator

Amtide Tide Paclo 2SC Plant Growth Regulator

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Product Overview

Amtide Tide Paclo 2SC is a highly effective plant growth regulator, or PGR, ideal for cool and warm-season turf-grasses. This plant growth regulator contains an active ingredient which inhibits gibberellin biosynthesis to slow down the vegetative growth. It lessens the mowing frequency for 6 to 8 weeks, saving hours of labor. The Amtide Tide Paclo 2SC is a systemic plant growth regulator that is proven to slow down the vertical growth of plants within 3 to 10 days. Once applied on turfgrass, the turf will go through increased in density and greening that may last for 12 weeks. Offers immediate results and healthy plants.

GENERAL PRECAUTIONS: Do not use on residential lawns.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Paclobutrazol 22.3%
For use in Cool & Warm Season Turf-grass
Application Apply with standard pressurized application equipment with by-pass or mechanical agitation using 50 mesh strainer to the turf in a sufficient amount of water to ensure spray coverage uniformly to turf and to avoid skipping and/or overlapping.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Yield 1 gallon produces 12 gallons of solution
AZ, CT, MA, MD, NY, VT (Restricted to Licensed Applicators Only)
Special Features Turf will gradually undergo increased greening and density that may last up to 12 weeks
Shipping Weight 10.25 lbs
Manufacturer Amtide
EPA Registration 80697-4



Tide Paclo 2SC, a specialty plant growth regulator that slows vertical grass growth and reduces mowing for up to two (2) months after application. The frequency of mowing can be reduced by up to 50% during the period of effective retardation. Use of Tide Paclo 2SC on fine turf should be accompanied by moderate-to-high fertility to maintain turfgrass appearance and reduce discoloration.


  • St Augustine, Bermuda & similar warm season grasses
    • 0.5 lbs. a.i. 32 fl. oz prod/A (Sandy soil)
    • 0.75 lbs a.i. 48 fl. oz prod/A (Clay soil)
    • Reduced mowing for 6-8 weeks on established hybrid bermudagrass, bentgrass, and perennial ryegrass fairways, tees and roughs and on St. Augustinegrass and Kentucky bluegrass/perennial ryegrass turf.
    • Reduce the potential for scalping and increase turf density and tighter-knit of all turfgrass areas.
  • Bluegrass. Rye. Fescue, Bent & similar cool-season grasses (except putting greens)
    • 0.25 to 0.50 lbs a.i. 16 -32 fl oz prod/A
    • Reduce by 50% if Poa annua is a major turfgrass population
    • Suppression of Poa annua by reducing its growth and its compatibility, leading to selective control after prolonged use.
  • Bentgrass Putting Greens & Overseeded Bermuda
    • 0.10 to 0.25 lbs a.i. 6.4 -16 fl oz prod/A


Application Timing

Applications can be made throughout the year, weather permitting, except when soil is frozen or saturated with water.

Note: Tide Paclo 2SC is absorbed by plant roots and translocated to the growing tissues in response to evaporative water loss (transpiration). If applications are made after fall leaf drop, uptake of Tide Paclo 2SC will not occur until the development of new leaves in the spring and resumption of transpiration.

Mixing Directions

Mix 317 ml (10.7 fl oz) of Tide Paclo 2SC with water to make one gallon of diluted mixture. One gallon of Tide Paclo 2SC will make 12 gallons of diluted mixture. To improve the handling characteristics of the diluted mixture, the addition of a suspension aid is recommended such as nonionic and organosilicone surfactants.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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Looking for a surfactant to use, what do you recommend?

We are having a problem with this product settling out of suspension, we are needing a good surfactant.

We would recommend using a non-ionic surfactant with Tide Paclo 2SC. You will use 1-2 teaspoons per gallon of water.

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