Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Kit


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Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Kit kit (16 direct baited stations)
This is no longer available. The Trelona Direct Bait Stations are still available. 
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Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Kit

Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Kit contains 16 direct baited stations. The Advanced Termite Bait System is the next generation in termite baiting. It is one of the most widely installed bait systems by professional pest control companies today. Unlike older bait systems, the Advance Termite bait stations have larger vertical slots that allow for maximum wood-to-soil contact, creating the perfect opportunity for termite attack. Each station contains TMB (termite monitoring base) that is made out of wood and a Trelona TBC (termite bait cartridge) which contains the active ingredient, novaluron. When this is consumed by a termite, it will impair the ability of a termite to properly synthesize chitin and disallow the termite to molt. By being unable to molt, they are not able to form a replacement exoskeleton. Termites will either die or are incapacitated by their inability to complete the molting process.

Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Kit contains:

16 direct baited stations. Stations include Trelona TBC (termite bait cartridge) and TMB (termite monitoring base). It also comes with extra parts: 4 Trelona TBC, 4 TMBs, and 3 station lids.

It will cover a 240 linear foot home when placed 15 feet apart. Larger homes will need more baiting stations.

IMPORTANT: You will need to purchase a spider station access tool to open the stations if you do not currently have one.


This product is intended for use in an ongoing program of management and control of subterranean termite colonies in the ground around and under any type of building or other object (structure). It does not exclude termites from a structure. Instead, it suppresses or eliminates termite colonies. It affects termite colonies only if they consume it. Therefore, sufficient consumption of bait by all subterranean termite colonies that present an existing or potential hazard to the structure may, subject to the limitations stated herein, protect the structure against subterranean termite attack. If the cycle of pre-baiting and baiting around a structure is interrupted or discontinued, new colonies occupying the territory of suppressed or eliminated colonies, existing colonies that were suppressed but not eliminated, existing colonies never baited or colonies that were pre-baited may forage at points of possible entry into and infest the structure. For this reason, maintain the cycle of pre-baiting and baiting or offer continuous bait for as long as it is desirable to suppress or eliminate subterranean termites. If a soil applied - liquid or granular - termiticide treatment is performed in conjunction with an installation of the bait system, DO NOT treat in the area of installed stations (preferably not within 2 ft of stations). Because the use of bait may be a multi-step process, localized treatment(s) of areas of the structure infested with active termites at the time of pre-baiting or baiting, using soil applied termiticides may provide more immediate control of termites in those parts of the structure than bait. Preventative critical area soil or wood treatments may be performed in conjunction with station installation. DO NOT treat in areas of installed stations during routine pesticide applications.


To install a station, excavate or form a hole in the ground approximately the same size and dimensions as those of the station. Insert the station into the hole. Maximizing contact between the exterior of the station and the earth during installation will increase the probability of termite entrance into the station. If the station is inserted into an opening created through a hardened construction surface (such as a concrete slab, asphalt, etc.), insert station below the surface (in contact with the ground) and seal securely. Install stations at, or preferably within approximately 5 ft of points of known, probable or suspected termite foraging, and at other critical areas. Such areas may include areas with concentrations of cellulose-containing debris, such as mulch or wood scraps, in contact with the ground, areas of moderate soil moisture, shaded areas, areas containing plant root systems, bath traps, visible termite foraging tubes, etc. Install stations around a structure such that, except where sufficient access to the ground is not available, the maximum interval between any 2 stations does not exceed 20 ft. If the distance between 2 points of accessible ground around the structure exceeds 30 ft, it may be advisable to form 1 or more openings in the surface creating the inaccessibility to facilitate baiting between those points. If the structure has an accessible crawl space, stations can be installed in the crawl space in lieu of or in addition to installing stations around the structure; however, either the interior or the exterior of the crawl space must contain a complete set of stations, as defined by this label. Stations can be installed within a slab structure at existing or created openings in the slab surface through which ground is accessible and into which the station can be installed in a secure manner.

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04/27/2016 Jill from Pittsfield, Il

QCan the Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Kit be covered with dirt/mulch?


Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Kit††can be covered with a thin layer of mulch but you would not want to place dirt over the stations as they should be easily accessed for monitoring.

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04/29/2016 Jason from Waco, Tx

QIf my home has termites in it already, does the Trelona bait station kit get rid of them?


If you already have termites, we would recommend using the Trelona Direct Bait Kit. All of the stations have bait in them already. The termites will take the bait back to the colony and elimate them within 90 days. You should not rely on bait stations to kill termites that are already inside the structure.

If you already have termites, we would recommend doing a trench treatment around the structure and applying Termidor SC. This will kill and prevent termites for up to 10 years. You will need to know the lineal footage around your home to know how many bottles of Termidor SC you will need.†

Please check out our Termite Guide for tips and instructions on how to treat for termites.†

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03/21/2016 Rony from Olney, Md

QWhat is an annual maintenance cost of the system?


The†Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Kithave both a termite bait cartridge and a wood monitoring base that need to be changed out annually regardless of the termite usage within each. The cost of these is subject to change so this will be something that you will need to check our site on when you are ready to order. You will also need to monitor these throughout the year, and change each as needed with termite activity as well.

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06/06/2016 Cyril from Simpsonville, Sc

QWhat's the difference between Hexpro and Trelona bait systems?


Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Kit††is larger than the Hexpro.† The Trelona is comparable to the phased out Advance Termite Bait system. Unlike the Trelona, the Hexpro only uses wood monitor bases and bait cylinders if needed. The Direct Bait Kit also comes with a bait cartridge in every station instead of just a montitoring cartridge.

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03/22/2016 Preston from Van Buren

QHow long will Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Kit last assuming no termites eat them?


The†Trelona ATBS Direct Bait Kithas 2 internal pieces that need replacements, the termite bait cartridge and the termite monitoring base. These would need to be replaced annually regardless of termite consumption.†

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