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    Hardened overnight

    By Amy on 10/24/2017

    Maybe this bait works, but we'll never know. It arrived yesterday and I applied it, following the instructions exactly. This morning, the bait was hard and dry. I literally had to scrape it off the surfaces. Roaches weren't able to eat it, so it was completely worthless.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    Thank you for your review. We apologize you did not receive the expected results. However, any bait you buy will harden, anywhere from a few day to a few weeks, after applying depending on where and how your apply it. To keep it from hardening so fast you could put it on a small piece of tin foil, an index card, painters tape, even these SX Dots we have on our website ( and after the bait is all gone you can just throw it away. Also, even if it has hardened you can leave it out because the roaches will still want the bait. If you have any other questions please give us a call at 866-581-7378.

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    Sadly, it didn't work

    By Cliff on 11/10/2017

    Several years ago, I bought Maxforce Magnum and it worked great. In just a couple weeks we were completely roach free. So, when they started coming back recently, I got some more, but it didn't seem to work. That's when I read that I should alternate the treatment so the roaches wouldn't have an aversion to it. So, I called DoMyOwn and they suggested the Vendetta Plus because it had a different Active Ingredient. Unfortunately, it has not taken care of the problem.

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    Not what I expected

    By Sarah on 12/28/2020

    Unlike the other bait I have previously purchased numerous times which gave almost instant results with dead bugs as soon as the very next morning, this has been quite the opposite. Not only have I failed to see any dead bugs I see dozens more live ones than before!

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