Ventigra Insecticide

Ventigra Insecticide
Ventigra Insecticide

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Product Overview

Ventigra Insecticide is an excellent solution for piercing and sucking insects in plants.  Its active ingredient, Afidopryropen, targets and controls whiteflies, aphids, and some species of mealybugs and suppresses scale insects and specific species of mealybugs. It is ideal for use on ornamentals and vegetable transplants.  Features a unique mode of action that allows it to quickly and precisely target the listed pests. This insecticide will not harm beneficial insects like predatory mites and bees.   

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Afidopyropen - 9.78%
Target pests Piercing and sucking insects.
For use in Ornamentals and vegetable transplants.
Application May be used for ground or aerial applications. Thorough coverage is required to obtain optimum insect control.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on the label.
Formulation Dispersible Concentrate.
NOT FOR SALE TO NY (Restricted To Licensed Applicators)
Special Features Fast-acting with long residual control.
Shipping Weight 1.57 lbs
Manufacturer BASF (Mfg. Number: 59014680)
EPA Registration 7969-393


Environmental Hazards

Terrestrial Use

DO NOT apply directly to water, or to areas where surface water is present or to intertidal areas below the mean high water mark. DO NOT contaminate water when disposing of equipment wash waters or rinsate. DO NOT pour equipment wash waters or rinsate down into a natural drain or water body. DO NOT exceed the maximum seasonal use rate or the total number of applications of Ventigra insecticide per season. To reduce the potential for developing insecticide-resistance, rotate to an insecticide with a different mode of action.

Non-target Organisms

Ventigra is toxic to aquatic invertebrates. Drift and run-off from treated areas may be hazardous to aquatic organisms in water adjacent to treated areas. DO NOT apply when weather conditions favor drift from treated areas.

Directions For Use

It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Use Restrictions

  • Apply this product only as specified on this label
  • Ventigra insecticide is intended for use by professional applicators.
  • Ventigra is NOT for homeowner use.
  • Ventigra is NOT for sale, distribution, or use in Nassau or Suffolk counties in New York state except by New York-specific supplemental labeling.
  • DO NOT make more than 2 sequential applications before rotating to a product of a different mode of action group.
  • DO NOT apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may be in the area during application.
  • DO NOT make Ventigra applications at intervals shorter than 7 days.
  • DO NOT apply to plants exhibiting symptoms of stress or injury, such as stunting, wilting, leaf burn or drop, or abnormal growth.
  • NOT intended for vegetables grown to maturity in the greenhouse.
  • A 30-day plant-back interval back is appropriate for all food crops not listed on this label.
  • DO NOT tank mix Ventigra with:
    • Insect growth regulators
    • Plant growth regulators
    • Carbamate insecticides
    • Organophosphate insecticides
    • Pyrethroid insecticides
  • For any requirements specific to your state or tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulation.

Application Information

Ventigra can be used on ornamentals in the following use sites:

  • Commercial and retail nurseries, field and container
  • Commercial, public, and recreational gardens
  • Commercial and residential landscapes, including golf courses, parks and recreation areas
  • Forest tree and conifer nurseries and plantations • Greenhouses, shadehouses, and lathhouses
  • Interiorscapes

Ventigra insecticide can be used on the following ornamental plants:

  • Annual bedding plants
  • Perennials, herbaceous and woody
  • Flowering and foliage plants
  • Woody plants and trees

Ventigra may be applied to juvenile fruit and nut trees, vines, brambles, and bushberries grown in commercial ornamental production nurseries. Immature and/or inedible fruits or nuts or berries may appear on the plant but are not intended for harvest or consumption.

Ventigra can be used on the following vegetable transplants for the home consumer market only, NOT for commercial vegetable production (greenhouse or field):

  • Unless noted with an *, use not permitted in California.
  • Brassica stem and head: *broccoli, Brussels sprouts, *cabbage, Chinese cabbage (napa), cauliflower, and cultivars, varieties, and/or hybrids of these
  • Cucurbit vegetables: chayote, Chinese waxgourd, citron melon, *cucumber, gherkin, edible gourd (including Chinese okra, cucuzza, hechima, hyotan), Momordica spp. (including balsam apple, balsam pear, bitter melon, Chinese cucumber), Muskmelon (including true cantaloupe, cantaloupe, casaba, crenshaw melon, golden pershaw melon, honeydew melon, honey balls, mango melon, Persian melon, pineapple melon, Santa Claus melon and snake melon), pumpkin, summer squash (including crookneck squash, scallop squash, straightneck squash, vegetable marrow, *zucchini), winter squash (including butternut squash, calabaza, hubbard squash, acorn squash, spaghetti squash), *watermelon
  • Fruiting vegetables: African eggplant; bush tomato; cocona; currant tomato; *eggplant; garden huckleberry; goji berry; ground cherry; martynia; naranjilla; okra; pea eggplant; pepino; *pepper, bell; pepper, nonbell; roselle; scarlet eggplant; sunberry; tomatillo; *tomato; tree tomato; cultivars, varieties and hybrids of these commodities
  • Leafy vegetables (except brassica vegetables): amaranth, leafy; arugula; aster, Indian; blackjack; broccoli raab; broccoli, Chinese; cabbage, Abyssinian; cabbage, seakale; Cat’s Whiskers; cham-chwi, cham-na-mul; chervil, fresh leaves; Chinese cabbage, bok choy; chipilin; chrysanthemum, garland; cilantro, fresh leaves; collards; corn salad; including lamb’s lettuce, and Italian corn salad; cosmos; cress, garden; cress, upland; dandelion; dang-gwi; dillweed, fresh leaves; dock; dol-nam-mul; ebolo; endive; escarole; fameflower; feather cockscomb; Good King Henry; Hanover salad, huauzontle; jute leaves; kale; *lettuce, bitter, *lettuce, head; *lettuce, leaf (Romaine); maca; mizuna; mustard greens; orach; parsley, fresh leaves; plantain, buckhorn; primrose, English; purslane, garden; purslane, winter; radicchio; radish, leaves; rape greens; rocket, wild; shepherd’s purse; *spinach; spinach, Malabar; spinach, New Zealand; spinach, tree; Swiss chard; tanier spinach; *turnip greens; violet, Chinese; watercress; cultivars and/or hybrids of these
  • Leaf petioles vegetables: cardoon; celery; celery, Chinese; fuki; rhubarb; udo; zuiki; cultivars, varieties, and hybrids of these commodities

*See label for the complete list of application instructions.

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