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Victor Mouse Trap M325 Review

By DoMyOwn staff

Victor Mouse Trap M325 Review

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Hi, This is Michael with domyownpestcontrol. This is a product snapshot of the Victor Mouse Trap. The Victor Mouse Trap comes in two models. One is the M40, the traditional mouse trap. The other is the M325, the professional mouse trap. The main difference between the professional mouse trap and the traditional is the size of the trigger plate, number one. Number two, the professional version actually has two settings. It has an “F” setting for firm and an “S” setting for soft. This is meant for places that you may have machinery or the ground vibrates. You'll want to set the professional version to a firm setting, so it's not easily triggered.  The “S” setting is for normal use where you are not going to be having any kind of vibrations.  
As far as baiting the traps, this is the trigger plate on both units. And you want to put the bait, depending on what you're doing, we recommend the Provoke Mouse Attractant. It's specially formulated from Bell. It's irresistible to mice, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and non-staining.  I just requires a small drop right here in the bait trough for the professional or right on the trigger plate for the traditional.  A small drop is all you need.  When it comes to setting the Victor Professional Mouse Trap, there's a couple things to keep in mind, number one, you always want to hold it with the trigger plate facing away from you.  This makes sure you don't lose any fingers.  Also, you want to bait your trap before you set it. Again, we recommend the Provoke Professional Mouse Attractant.  You want to put a little dab inside the bait trough, and then you are ready to go. Once that takes place, it's time to set the trap. 
The arm that comes with it is held with a “U” shaped nail.  You want to take some pliers, pull that out. Once that's removed. You can take the set arm back behind the trap. Pull the spring arm back, hold it with your thumb, place the set arm over the spring. This trigger plate needs to be pulled up just a little bit to be able to set and slowly let up on the spring arm. As you let up on the spring arm, the set arm will catch, now the trap is set. Now that you have the Victor Professional Mouse Trap set, it's time to see it in action.  You want to always have the trigger facing a wall. This is because mice like to follow edges and they'll come down the wall either way and step right on the trigger plate.  Once it's set up against the wall, here comes mister mouse, smell the Provoke Mouse Attractant, steps on the trigger plate. That's the trap.