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Joel writes

What chemicals can we use to repel and eradicate leeches?

Lots of small leeches coming out of my bath room drain.


Have you had these pests actually identified as leeches? Are you seeing small moths or flies in your bathroom? Usually, small worms coming out of the drain indicates drain flies. We recommend that you take a few moments to google 'drain fly larvae' and see if the pictures correspond with what you are seeing in your drain. If the pictures do correspond with what you are seeing, there a few things you should do. Drain flies breed and lay eggs in areas where there is decaying organic matter such as bathroom drains. To start the process of getting rid of this pest you must thoroughly clean the drain where the worms have been spotted. Next you should apply a product called DF 5000. The DF 5000 drain fly gel will coat the inside of the pipe and will help breakdown built up organic matter. This process must be repeated every night for 5-7 days. In pipes where there is a lot of built up (organic matter), a second week long treatment may be needed. If you have spotted adult drain flies in your home, you can spray a product called Clean Air Purge III to help eliminate these breeding adults. You should place glue boards over each drain in the bathroom to capture any flying adults entering or leaving the drains. Using glue boards also helps monitor the level of infestation. We have all of these products combined into a Drain Fly Kit for your convenience. If these pictures do not look like what you are seeing you must have the insect identified so the appropriate treatment can be recommended. You should contact your local Cooperative Extension Office and ask to speak to the entomologist on staff. The entomologist will tell you how to properly collect a sample for identification purposes or he/she may request a picture.

Answer last updated on: 03/08/2011

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