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Ram from Manvel, Tx 77578 writes

What product do you recommend to kill ghost ants inside and outside the house?

I see ghost ants enter the house through weep holes around the house. They are also visible on the vegetation (vegetable and fruit trees) plants. Is there any product (in liquid) that can be applied inside and outside the house and the vegetation area.


The most effective way to get rid of ants will be to use a product that will not only kill the ants that actually come into contact with treated surfaces but will also be transferred back to the nest. There are a variety of liquid concentrates that work with a transfer effect such as Termidor SC, Taurus SC, Dominion 2L and Adonis 2F. All of these products are for use outdoors only and should be sprayed directly on or immediately adjacent to the structure for ant control (they cannot be used indoors and they cannot be broadcast sprayed outdoors and they cannot be used on edible vegetation). You can also use ant baits indoors and outdoors for ghost ant control. Ant Baits will be picked up by the foraging ants and carried back to the nesting area and shared. Most folks choose to use a combination of products. They use ant baits indoors and in sensitive areas and they use the liquid concentrates outdoors.

Answer last updated on: 01/04/2012

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