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Julio from Pharr writes

What will be a good combination to mix with Exponent for fleas

I have a bad flea infestation outside and moving inside. I try Bifen, Permethrin 36% and nothing seems to work.


Exponent Insecticide Synergist is only going to give other insecticides a faster initial knockdown, so you will need to use only when fleas are active in the area.  Both Bifen and Permethrin are great for outside but you would benefit from also adding an insect growth regulator such as Nyguard to either.  Or you can use something like Onslaught.  Both Permethrin and Onslaught can also be used inside if needed as well

We have a great guide here that explains the best treatment too.

Answer last updated on: 03/17/2020

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