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Shawna from Pima writes

Which IGR should I use?

Plan to use Tempo SC all year except the three months of monsoon season. I'll use Suspend Polyzone. Want to mix in an IGR with one or both of these (different times not all 3 products at once) and live in Arizona. I want NyGuard but it isn't labeled for that) main problem is roaches and spiders. I'd rather take a product that works overall much better than an IGR that works on scorpions but doesn't do as well all around. Separate question. Is there some way I can treat drains for cockroaches? At my work this is done periodically. I have definite issues with them coming up the drains. I'm thinking I could treat drains right before leaving for a week long vacation. Is there something or some methods you can recommend?


NyGuard IGR is labeled for outdoor and indoor use for various insects including roaches. It would be a great choice to mix with either Tempo SC or Suspend Polyzone. We recommend that you apply a professional roach bait gel to indoor cracks and crevices (where you are not spraying). You will want to re-apply once every two weeks (cleaning up old bait placements). You can apply a drain gel to the drains nightly for a week (when drains are not being used) and apply 2-3 squirts of Gentrol Aerosol as well. This will break up any organic matter in the drains that the roaches are attracted to and the reproductive cycle.

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Answer last updated on: 04/28/2015

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