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Steve from Independence, Mo writes

Will Hi-Yield Grass Killer Post-Emergent Herbicide kill brome in tall fescue?


Hi-Yield Grass Killer Post-Emergent Herbicide is not labeled to control brome aka cheatgrass. Cheatgrass isn’t listed on many labels as its hard to control. You will likely need to use a product like Roundup to spot treat the cheatgrass and then fill in the bare spots with grass seed to try and keep it from coming back. There are a few pre emergents on the market that claim to prevent cheatgrass so you can look over those to see if you want to use them for prevention this fall and next spring. The Dimension 2EW is labeled to prevent brome/cheatgrass and can be used to prevent it and other weeds like crabgrass in the lawn. 

Answer last updated on: 08/08/2019

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