Animal Control

Wild animals can sometimes invade yards and homes, infesting structures and spreading disease. Our selection of animal control products can be used to safely remove these animals from your property and prevent more animals from entering. From traps to repellents, our selection of animal control products will keep your property wild animal-free.

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Very compact and ideal for skunks -- the size prevents most skunks from raising their tails. Also good for catching opossums and prarie dog and similar animals.
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A safe and effective bird trap that is specially designed for sparrows. It features a new 2-chamber, bi-level repeating trap that can accommodate 12 sparrows at a time.
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A granular formula that helps prevent snakes, lizards and other reptiles from damaging your home and garden.
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The perfect cleaning formula that provides fast organic waste removal.
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A double door animal trap that can capture even the most trap shy animals with its swing bar wire trigger mechanism.
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A professionally designed live trap that features a very strong wire frame with a tight mesh pattern and a pan guard system that is nearly impossible to damage.
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TSP47-12 - 47" 12cc Pole Syringe
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An all-natural absorbent stone infused with predator scent that helps keep away unwanted pests from your chicken coop.
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A top opening cage for raccoons, feral cats & similar sized animals.
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A heavy-duty extra-large trap that captures raccoons, groundhogs, and animals of similar size.
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Small snake hook that extends from 29 in. to 47 in.
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A professionally manufactured trap used to catch feral cats humanely.
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Double door trap that can capture and hold beavers 50 pounds or larger, raccoons, and like-sized animals.
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An easy-to-use trap that targets large raccoons and woodchucks.
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5-inch bird spikes that effectively deter nuisance birds.
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Multiple sizes available
RG Rabies Animal Handling Gloves
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A chemical-free blocker that helps prevent burrowing animals like moles, voles, and gophers from damaging your plants without harming them.
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An excellent all-natural absorbent stone with predator scent that effectively protects gardens and homes against undesirable pests.
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Multiple sizes available
An all-natural fox urine predator scent that drives away unwanted animals from your garden and home.
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A flexible hammock net that allows easy capture with less chance of escape.
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A broad-spectrum solution fogger kit with a unique liquid concentrate and a propane fogger, designed for the treatment of flying insect pests.
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A snake repellent that is harmless to plants and other animals formulated to effectively reduce snake harborage.
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A high-quality trap designed for squirrels, gophers, chipmunks, rats, and other animals of similar size.
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A specially-made lure to attract gophers to traps..


Prevention is a key step in nuisance animal control. Learning to live with wildlife rather than trying to constantly combat intruding animals will be easier for you and your family. Knowing some wildlife basics can be helpful. Providing abundant food, water, and shelter in your yard will surely attract wild animals. Taking these steps can reduce this:

  • Birdseed can attract deer, coyotes are attracted to mice that may feed on spilled seed, and squirrels always take advantage of hung feeders. Using thistle seed instead of sunflower seeds or corn can attract songbirds that discourage the attraction of opossums, raccoons, and squirrels. Never let bird seed accumulate under feeders.
  • Secure trash receptacles, feed pets indoors, and always deposit food scraps for composting in a sealed container.
  • Fencing around a property or individual plants keeps nibblers away.
  • Reduce possible shelter areas. Remove tall grass, brush piles, or debris from yard. Stack wood away from your house, remove dead trees and deny access to your roof by trimming trees to allow a ten-foot gap. 
  • Secure access points with mesh hardware cloth or other barriers in places like chimneys, attic vents, and under decks and porches. Always check home for damage, as animals can use any weakness in your foundation or roof to gain entry.
  • Repellents (like liquid fences, plant sprays, scent capsules) can be a useful tool to keep animals away from garden plants or property. 
  • Frightening devices such as strobe lights, guard animals, balloons with eyespots or plastic owls, or reflective tape can keep wild animals at bay.


Wildlife control officers, DNR employees, or animal control centers in your state can be a valuable resource for dealing with any wildlife questions or concerns. They will be able to tell you exactly how to deal with your wildlife problem. If you still have major wildlife issues on your property and choose to deal with your wild animal removal yourself, there are things you must know before moving forward:

  • In most states, it is illegal to take, kill, possess, sell, or keep wildlife as a pet without a permit.
  • Birds, snakes, and other reptiles or amphibians can also fall under their own protection and often times it is illegal to kill or remove these animals from your property.
  • If you want to trap, kill, or otherwise remove a nuisance animal from your property, always contact a local animal control, wildlife control, or DNR employee before taking action to make sure you can carry out the process legally and safely. Permits must be granted for most animal control removal.

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