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Armyworm Treatment Guide

How to Get Rid of Armyworms

By DoMyOwn staff
Image of armyworm on a lawn

Armyworms can do significant damage to a lawn or other grassy area in a very short period of time--especially if the larvae are near maturity. Armyworm caterpillars consume more vegetation in the last four days of their caterpillar phase than the rest of their life combined.

Treating these pests as quickly as possible when you spot them can save you from most of the damage that could occur.

Method 1

Liquid Insecticide Treatment for Lawns

Liquid insecticides, such as those that contain chlorantraniliprole, bifenthrin or permethrin, can be very effective in stopping armyworm spread on your property.

If you have armyworm caterpillars on your property and damage is already visible, using a liquid army worm killer is the fastest way to get your pest problem under control.

Image of a man using a sprayer on an armyworm damaged lawn

Here are some tips to keep in mind when doing an army worm treatment:

  • Apply the product late in the day, since armyworms are active at night.
  • If possible, mow the affected lawn before applying the product. This can destroy some larvae and also reduce the depth that the product must penetrate to be effective.
  • Always wear protective clothing including gloves, long sleeves and pants, goggles, and closed-toe shoes.
  • Delay watering or irrigation and mowing for at least 24 hours after the application for best results.

Applying your selected product to the entire lawn or property at once is recommended for the best results, but you should always read the product label to make sure it's labeled for full lawn application, or any other specific usage you may require.

Method 2

Use a Natural or Biological Insecticide for Grazing Areas

In pastures and areas where grasses are used for grazing animals, a natural insecticide may be the best choice. Products like Essentria IC Pro Insecticide can help control army worms without the worry of keeping animals away from the application area.

Other more natural options such as Spinosad, a biological insecticide, can help you control your pest problems in food-producing areas. Biologicals like these are most effective on the earliest stages of armyworm life--immediately after they hatch in the late summer. Consider using biological deterrents at the very first sign of army worm damage.

Consult the label of any product selected to confirm the right amounts of water and insecticide to use for your application. Products in this category may be labeled for a greater variety of application methods. Find the one that works best for you and take the first step to eliminate army worms from your home or business.

Products needed for Method 2

Next Steps

Now that you know how to treat for armyworms, the next part of this treatment guide will help you learn How to Prevent Armyworms in Your Yard.

Be sure to check out the rest of this treatment guide to learn how to know if you have armyworms and what is an army worm.

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