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How to Identify the Asian Cockroaches

By DoMyOwn staff

Physical Appearance

  • The Asian Cockroach is almost exactly identical in appearance to the German Cockroach, and about 5/8 inches long
  • The Asian Cockroach may be slightly lighter in color than the German, with slightly longer and narrower wings.
  • Another distinguishing characteristic of the Asian Cockroach is that it will take flight when disturbed, even during the day, whereas German roaches rarely (if ever) fly.

Behavior & Habitat

  • The Asian Cockroach is capable of sustained flight for up to 150 feet
  • The Asian Cockroach becomes active at dusk, and is attracted to light reflected off doors and windows.
  • Asian Cockroaches prefer the outdoors, but will try to enter lighted homes and buildings at night if those buildings are accessible.

Feeding Habits
  • Asian cockroaches feed on garbage and human food, preferring starches, sweets, meats, and grease.

Reproduction & Life Cycle

  • Females may produce up to 4 egg cases in a lifetime, each case containing up to 45 young roaches.
  • On average, it takes 67 days for an Asian nymph to reach adulthood.
  • Female Asian Cockroaches live for about 104 days, while males live about 50.
  • Adults are most often seen during the spring and fall, while nymphs are more predominant in the summer and winter.

Basic Control Methods

  • Limit outdoor lighting from dusk until 3 hours after sundown.
  • Broadcast a granular (such as Talstar) over lawns and shrubs where Asian Cockroaches may harbor.
  • Spray actual siding and lawn up to 6 feet out from siding with Suspend SC, Demon WP, or Talstar to create a protective barrier and prevent future entrance
  • For indoor control, use Maxforce Gel Roach Bait in infested areas. Do not spray the same area where bait is being used.

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