Commercial Roach Control Kit - Bait Gun

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Commercial Roach Control Kit - Bait Gun

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14 Reviews | 13 Q&A

Product Overview

The Commercial Roach Control Kit contains the chemicals you need to implement a roach control program in apartment buildings or similar large spaces. For a complete Roach Treatment program it is crucial to employ Inspection and Prevention measures along with chemical use to have success. The Commercial Roach Control Kit contains larger quantities of chemicals than our other Roach Control Kits, and it also includes products appropriate for treating any level infestation. Maxforce FC Magnum is a powerful roach bait gel that contains five times the active ingredient as regular Maxforce FC roach bait, killing roaches by ingestion, contact, and transfer from one to another. Gentrol IGR Concentrate contains the Insect Growth Regulator hydroprene, which interrupts the roaches’ breeding cycle by preventing maturity. Temprid FX is an insecticide concentrate with two powerful active ingredients, providing both a quick initial kill and a long-lasting residual treatment. 

Temprid FX must be diluted with water and applied with a pump sprayer, such as the Chapin 1 gallon pump sprayer.

For your convenience, we offer 2 Commercial Roach Kits kits to choose from:  
The Commercial Roach Kit- Bait Gun contains a VectorFog DH1 Gel Bait Gun that allows you to load a bait tube into the gun and apply spots of bait quickly and mess-free with a pull of the trigger.  
The Commercial Roach Kit- Plunger contains 3 bait tube plungers in place of the bait gun, making it a more economical choice while still providing you with the same professional strength insecticides needed to combat your toughest roach problems.  

See our other Roach Control Kits for more options.

Features and Specs

Target pests Cockroaches
For use in Apartment buildings and other large spaces
Pet safe Yes, when used as directed.
NOT FOR SALE TO AZ, CO, CT, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NV, NY, RI, VT (Restricted to Licensed Applicators Only)
Shipping Weight 4.50 lbs


Complete roach treatment  includes two primary parts: Sanitation and Preparation, and the Application of Products. You will want to Inspect  for where roaches are hiding and breeding so that you know where to concentrate your energy. Next, prepare for treatment by eliminating food and water sources and reducing and sealing off harborage areas. After performing these crucial preparation steps, you are ready to apply the products in your Roach Control Kit.

STEP 1: Baiting - Maxforce FC Magnum Bait Gel and VectorFog DH1 Gel Bait Gun

*To use a Maxforce FC Magnum tube, remove the closed tip by gently unscrewing it, and replace it with one of the included reuseable open tips. Use the VectorFog DH1 Gel Bait Gun to dispense the gel.

*It is helpful to have a paper towel on hand to wipe excess bait from the gun between bait applications.

*Apply small bait placements approximately ¼ inch in diameter directly to cracks and crevices where roaches are most likely to encounter it. Ideal bait placements include:

  • Behind kitchen cabinets and counter tops.
  • Behind wall hangings such as pictures, clocks, or posters
  • Behind, next to, and under the stove.
  • In the corners up under the sink and other cabinets.
  • In stored paper bags and boxes.
  • Around pipes, cords, and cables that come out of the wall.
  • Behind and under bathroom fixtures.
  • Behind the medicine cabinet and vanity.
  • In any cracks or crevices around shelves or wood
  • in corners and under railing in and on drawers.

*Do not apply bait in spots where you have used or plan to use insecticide sprays.

*Smaller, more frequent bait placements are better accepted than fewer, larger placements.

*Use up to 1.5 grams of bait (15 x 0.1gm placements) per square yard for light to moderate infestations.

*Use up to 3.0 grams of bait (30 x 0.1gm placements) per square yard for severe infestations.

*After application, replace the open tip with the closed tip to keep bait fresh, and store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children or pets.

*Reapply bait every 2-3 weeks or when placements appear to be gone.

STEP 2: Insect Growth Regulator and Insecticide Concentrate - Gentrol IGR Concentrate and Temprid FX Insecticide Concentrate

*Both the Gentrol IGR and the Temprid FX must be diluted with water and applied with a pump sprayer. These products may be diluted in the same tank and applied together to save time.

*For Temprid FX, use 16 mL of concentrate per gallon of water for initial treatment, and then use 8 mL of concentrate per gallon of water for follow-up treatments or maintenance.

*For Gentrol IGR, use 1 x 1 oz. bottle of concentrate per gallon of water.

*To make spray solution, shake Temprid FX well before diluting. Add approximately 1/3 - 1/2 of the total required water to your spray tank, then add the desired amounts of concentrates. Shake or agitate the mixture, add remaining water, then shake or agitate the mixture before spraying.

*Apply spray mixture as a spot or crack and crevice treatment where roaches have been seen or can find shelter or entry. Application sites may include:

  • Entry points such as around doors, windows, and water pipes.
  • Areas where roaches travel such as baseboards and corners.
  • Areas where roaches hide such as behind or under refrigerators, stoves, and sinks.

*Do not apply on top of bait placements or where bait placements may be made. As a general rule, spray low, and bait high.

*Keep pets and children out of the treatment area until the spray is dry.

*Do not spray food handling surfaces or in ways in which food or utensils may be contaminated with the spray.

*If diluted spray is stored overnight, agitate before using. Only dilute what you plan to use within 24 hours of mixing. Gentrol IGR solution alone should be used within 48 hours of dilution.

*Temprid FX may be reapplied as needed every 7-10 days. Gentrol IGR will persist much longer; repeat Gentrol IGR spray every 4 months for roach control.

STEP 3: Be Patient

*Complete roach control may take from a few weeks up to six months, depending on the size of the population and your diligence with good sanitation practices. Large populations do not appear overnight, so they will not be eliminated overnight.

*You can purchase separately the Catchmaster Insect Monitor Glue Boards to track your progress:

  • Separate each card along the perforated lines to create three smaller boards from each larger card.
  • Fold each trap gently to create a right triangle shape. Remove the adhesive covering on the angled top tab, then firmly press the logoed panel to the adhesive, creating a secure triangle trap with three openings.
  • Carefully remove the interior paper to expose the glue surface inside the trap.
  • Place glue traps in areas where you have found roaches to hide, travel, or breed, such as in and under cabinets, behind toilets, under appliances, and in corners. If desired, remove the cover sheet on the bottom of each trap to expose the adhesive. Press firmly to a clean, dry surface to secure traps in place.
  • Monitor traps weekly to check your progress.
  • Replace traps if full of roaches, dust, or other debris.

*Reapply products according to the instructions above until the roaches are eliminated.

*For situations requiring treatments over several months, rotate your baits using alternatives such as Invict Gold Roach Bait Gel and Advion Roach Bait Gel.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    commercial roach control kit

    By Rao on 05/09/2014

    Verified Purchase

    I was skeptical in the beginning because I had heavy infestation of roaches and had tried everything home depot offers, and none of them worked. Orkin wanted $500.00 and I know that is absurd. I found this company online and used this product. I went a week later to check up on the roaches and guess what! I could not find a SINGLE one anywhere in the store. I would recommend this to anyone. It will still last me 6 more applications at least. Thanks DMY

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    43 of 44 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Commerical Roach Control Kit

    By Rema on 08/01/2017

    I am going to be honest. I purchased this same product a few years ago. I have not had any problems since then. I bought this kit for my son and his wife who are renting. They seem to have roaches worse than I ever did. I know if it worked wonders for myself, it will for them as well. I am so grateful that years ago I found this site. It has saved me so much money. I wasted so much money on sprays and bombs and nasty powder in the past.

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    25 of 26 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Abandoned Rental Property covered in roaches in OK

    By Callum on 06/16/2017

    I bought this kit for my apartment complexes, however, my first test was on an abandoned rental property that had been vacant for over a month and covered in roaches, fleas, mice, etc. We were fortunate in being able to completely clear out the house and have little to no food/water source for the roaches, but between the spray and bait, we were able to eradicate 100% of the roaches in one single spray. While we complete renovation, we plan to continue spraying once a week and will likely continue for a few weeks after the first tenant moves in. Thus far, we are very, very happy

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  • 5 of 5 Stars


    By Rick on 02/01/2017

    Worked excellent for me the key is to follow direction and clean first.

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    22 of 25 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Excellent product and customer service

    By Darren on 12/10/2016

    Purchased roach control kit for a bad infestation at a friends house. Product works really well and there is plenty of it. It's been about a month and there has been a dramatic reduction. I am confident they will be totally exterminated by the end of the year. I didn't receive the gun to apply the gel as advertised. It came with plastic plungers that worked just fine though. Customer service was very friendly and willing to send the applicator at no cost to me or refund my money for it. I will definitely use this company for all my pest control needs!! Five stars!

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    21 of 22 people found this review helpful

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Questions & Answers

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How long would you say (1) application is good for and/or how often do we need to use to get rid of pests for an 18 unit area.

When using the Commercial Roach Control Kit you want to make sure to apply Temprid onece every 7 days and re bait once a week. You want to continue this treatment process until you go 30 days without seeing any activity. Here are our guidelines:

 Step 1: Thoroughly clean the area to be treated. Please take a moment to read over our How to Get Rid of Roaches article to learn hints and tips to make roach control efforts more successful

Step 2: Dilute 8ml -16ml Temprid (Use high rate for severe infestations, faster knockdown, and longer residual.) + 1fl oz Gentrol IGR into one gallon of water. Using a hand pump sprayer apply the solution to cracks and crevices around baseboards, window frames, door frames, places where cables, pipes and wires enter through the walls and under and behind appliances and cabinets.

Step 3: Apply small pea sized dots of Maxforce FC Magnum using the Masterline Bait gun directly into cracks and crevices in cabinets, drawers, pantries, cupboards and around counters. Lots of small pea sized placements work better than fewer large placements. 

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Number of apartments...

Hi, how many apartments would this kit be effective for? Thanks.

The answer to this question will depend upon a couple of variables. How large are the apartments and how heavy is the infestation? Typically, the Commercial Roach Control Kit will cover at least 12-24 apartments depending on the variables mentioned.

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What is the best product for tolerant roaches?

I have a warehouse and have sprayed every chemical I could buy. The roaches now just sit and laugh while they multiply by the thousands. Do you have any suggestions as what to use for a commercial application?

Is there food stored in the warehouse?  If there is not a lot of food competition, then I would recommend baiting very heavily using Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait Gel.  Small dabs in a ton of places is the key.  In addition, you should use Gentrol IGR, which will prevent the roaches from maturing and reproducing which in turn will slow down the life cycle and the numbers of small roaches you are dealing with.  You should use both the gel and the Gentrol  in places off of the ground.  Around the floor area and underneath things, you should apply Temprid SC. The use of these three key products should start to knock down large numbers of roaches unless there is some major condition that we were not told about. The three products are offered in our Commercial Roach Control Kit. Obviously, any food or water sources that are not cleaned up and taken care of will prolong the problem indefinitely.  Please let us know if you have any further questions.  Good Luck!

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Are the products in the Commercial Roach Control safe for people with breathing problems and children and pet?
Once Temprid SC and Gentrol IGR have dried, it is safe for children and pets to enter into the area where the insecticide was sprayed. The Maxforce FC Magnum bait gel does not have an odor and should be in areas where it is not easily accessible to children and/or pets. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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Help, need to kill roaches, RAID not working

Live in a 3 apt complex in the middle. Infestation horrible, landlord does nothing. They are attacking my family.Trying to move, do not want to take them with us. What can I buy that is professional strength?

We recommend the Roach Kit 2.  The Roach Control Kit #2 is perfect for roach control problems in homes and apartments. This professional kit includes 1 packet of Demon WP Insecticide (which makes 4 gallons of finished solution) for spraying the outside perimeter of the home and inside underneath appliances, behind cabinets, under toilets and sinks, etc. You'll also get 4 x 35 gram tubes of Invict Gold Roach Bait Gel--one of the best roach baits on the market. Invict Gold can be applied up high in the kitchen in the corner of cabinets and in cracks and crevices in kitchens and bathrooms. The bait contains a slow-acting poison that attracts and kills feeding roaches, who also spread the bait to other roaches by contact or by sharing food. Finally, 20 Gentrol Point Source stations provide an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) that will stop roaches from laying eggs, helping to halt the infestation.

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Commercial Roach Control Kit - Bait Gun 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (14 Reviews / 13 Q&A)

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