Bed Bug Steamers

Steam cleaning is an effective method of treating and eliminating bed bug infestations. Bed Bug Steamers have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly -- they use only tap water, so no harsh chemicals are needed. Bed Bug Heat/Steam treatments are safe around children, cribs, toys, and food.

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Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System Quick View
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NEW AND IMPROVED Bed Bug Steamer and cleaner that kills bed bugs and their eggs on contact, as well as provides deep cleaning and sanitizing steam.
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Portable hand held steam cleaner for endless cleaning jobs - accessories included
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Steam Accessories kit to use with Cimex Eradicator for deep cleaning and bed bug dis-infestation without any detergent or insecticides needed.
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Professional grade steam cleaner - made of stainless steel and includes 50 accessories
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A highly effective detergent for use with the Cimex Eradicator.
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A portable steam cleaner used to cleanse and disinfect surfaces with the help of pressurized, high-temperature steam.
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An environmentally friendly premium grade steam cleaner with two steam power settings and a 5 bar pressure rating.
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This is a complete multi-use commercial cleaning unit that functions as a steam cleaner and steam extractor as well as a wet/dry vacuum.
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Tool adapter for Vapamore MR-1000 Forza units.
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The Trolley for Brio Pro 1000CT is a convenient, movable storage system for the 1000CT professional steam cleaner and includes a 1.3 gallon (5L) additional water capacity, connecting directly to the steam cleaner
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The Pro 1000CC takes on the most challenging cleaning and sanitizing jobs with ease. From hospitals and schools to restaurants and hotels it beats the performance and price of comparable machines in the steam-cleaning category.
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A professional steam cleaner that comes in a small lightweight machine that is ideal for heavy-duty home use and light-duty commercial use.
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An innovative, hand-held tool that uses steam to deodorize and sanitize surfaces.
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An ergonomic steam mop with a triangle-shaped swivel head to get into corners, equipped with a heavy-duty scrubber that kills germs and bacteria.
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A steam cleaning system with a convertible 2-in-1 design that allows you to use it as a handheld unit or a steam mop.
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An ergonomic steam mop with a triangle-shaped swivel head to get into corners.
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A professional and versatile steam cleaner with a mop attachment.
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Vapamore MR-50 Portable Wet/Dry Steam Vac
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The home steamer and scrubber for hard floors and carpets.

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