Bed Bug Travel Kits & Products

Don’t bring an unexpected souvenier home from your vacation. Our bed bug travel items can be used in hotels, hostels, and homes to protect your luggage and belongings from bed bugs. From sprays to bags, our bed bug travel items will keep your return destination bed bug-free.

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JT Eaton KILLS Bedbugs, Ticks, and Mosquitoes can be used on many surfaces and items.
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Mattress Safe's PillowSafe Protector is a zippered pillow encasement that protects from mold, stains, bacteria, dust mite allergen and bed bug infestations - Standard, Queen, and King Sizes
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The ZappBug Heater is easy to transport and can be assembled by one person in under 10 minutes. Use the ZappBug Heater to save your checked and carry on luggage - up to 24" wide.
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Quick and easy to identify the location of the bed bugs.
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A full body suit that is designed to help protect against bed bugs and other pests during inspection and treatment. 100% reusable and washable! 3 sizes available!
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Multiple sizes available
A zippered encasement designed to protect luggage from bed bug infestation. Made of a lightweight stretch knit fabric that packs easily to encase your luggage at your destination, SuitcaseSafe should be used for all types of travel.
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The replacement parts - flashlight and charger - for the PestWest Contrasting Specimen Inspection Kit.
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A ready to use pre-baited trap that features a sticky surface with a triangular profile for detecting most species of cockroaches.
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This travel laundry bag offers a simple, yet cost-efficient way to protect your laundry against bed bugs and dust mites.
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Replacement goggles for the Contrasting Specimen Inspection Kit

Bed Bug Travel Kits

If you travel a lot, there’s a good chance you might run into one of the worst pests you can find: Bed Bugs. There are some places such as New York City where the bed bug problem has reached an epidemic level, with thousands of new infestations every year. In fact, these bugs are most likely to be a problem in hotels and other businesses where there is a high turnover of guests, each one a potential harbor for the bugs. They then will take any opportunity presented to them to attach themselves either to your clothing or your luggage, after which it will be incredibly easy for them to create a new nest in your bedroom once you get home.

Often, this whole thing can go unnoticed until you wake up with bites one morning and realize you have the bugs sharing your bed with you. At Do My Own Pest Control we have all the products you will need to keep yourself safe from these bugs while you’re travelling.

Some Tips On How To Avoid Bed Bugs While On The Road

•    Check Your Surroundings

This is a pretty simple and common sense step; however, it’s important to know what you’re looking for before inspecting a hotel room. The best indication that a bed might need some bed bug removal treatment is the presence of the bugs’ waste products around the mattress. These are often in the form of dark red or light brown spots that give away the location of their nests. Should you find any indication that a room has bed bugs, you should alert the hotel management and ask to be relocated to a new bug-free room.

•    Use Our Bed Bug Travel Items

Even though the majority of infestations will be visible under inspection, it is still not a bad idea to arm yourself before any trip with one of our many bed bug travel items. We offer all the professional strength bed bug sprays and bed bug powder you’ve come to expect from Do My Own Pest Control in convenient travel sized packaging. These products will give you the ability to eradicate or control any bugs at the source, rather than having to wait until they are already in your home to get rid of them. Our products can be used on beds, clothing and luggage, giving you complete peace of mind when travelling that you won’t be picking up any parasitic hitchhikers.

•    Check Reviews Of Hotels Before Booking

A quick and easy way to avoid bed bugs while travelling is to search the web for hotels where previous guests have experienced problems with these insects. Should you find any mention of bed bugs on a review site it is probably best to not book with a hotel unless you are 100% sure that they have taken care of the problem.

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