Bed Bug Vacuums & Equipment

Bed bug vacuums are specially formulated to suck up and trap bed bugs for faster relief from visible bed bugs. Vacuums can be used in schools, hotels, hospitals, and homes to cut through a bed bug infestation. HEPA filters leave the room clean and allergen free.

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Replacement HEPA filter bags for HEPA Backpack Vacuum cleaner and each bag hold 3 quarts of dust and bugs.
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Pest Professional bug vacuum for bad roach infestations, bed bugs, or other pest control jobs.
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The Green Supreme IPM 1 Gallon HEPA dry particulate vacuum is ideal for the IPM Professional.
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An excellent backpack vacuum that may be used for pest control, offices, or warehouse application and features four levels of filtration for safe use.
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Excellent choice for large volumes of dry chemical, rodent droppings and bat guano
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This is a complete multi-use commercial cleaning unit that functions as a steam cleaner and steam extractor as well as a wet/dry vacuum.
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Cordless pest control vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter that captures bed bugs, rodent droppings, and dry chemical.
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Replacement shake out bag for Atrix vacuums.
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A crevice tool is designed to fit onto the hose of high capacity vacuums during cleaning.
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HEPA replacement filter cartridges for the Atrix Express Plus IPM bug vacuum.
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Vapamore MR-50 Portable Wet/Dry Steam Vac

Bed Bug Vacuums Can Cut Through the Infestation

Although there are some constants in the fight against these bugs such as sprays and dusts, there are a few less conventional methods that can be equally useful when getting rid of bed bugs.

A bed bug vacuum is one such device that can make your efforts to kill bed bugs much more effective. Because the insects hide in some of the hardest to reach places in and around a bed, even using dusts and sprays can miss some of them. That is why it is important to think about using a vacuum as well, to really attack the bugs where they hide.

Here are a few of the features that our bed bug vacuum cleaners offer:

•    HEPA Filtration

This will give you peace of mind knowing that any bugs and bacteria that get sucked into the vacuum while you’re cleaning will stay there and not get dispersed through the air where they could lead to possible infection or respiratory distress. The HEPA filter systems on our vacuums catch over 99% of all bacteria, insects, and dust, leaving nothing but clean air behind.

•    Removable Canisters

Each of our vacuums comes with removable canisters that ensure that the bugs will not be able to escape once they have been vacuumed. These canisters are completely sealed and can be disposed of once the job is complete. In addition they are large enough to handle any sized infestation, and can even be used multiple times before needing to be replaced.

•    Hose Attachments

For bed bug removal, the hose attachments on our vacuum cleaners cannot be beaten. They give you complete control over where you are vacuuming, and allow you to get into the tightest spaces where the bugs hide. They also can be used to eliminate nests of other insects such as roaches and some flying insects. 

Bed Bug Removal Can Be Easy With The Right Equipment

Bed bugs are one of if not the most annoying pests around, and getting them out can be notoriously hard. Although they are tenacious, there is no need to concede defeat, as they are actually easy to get rid of if you have the right knowledge and tools to do the job correctly. At Do My Own Pest Control you are sure to find all of the latest products you’ll need to eliminate the problem completely. We also can give you all the advice from our team of pest control experts on exactly what methods are best given whatever situation you might face.

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