Bermuda Grass Seed

Bermuda grass is a warm season grass that is known for its heat and drought tolerance, thriving in full sunlight and warmer weather.  Known for its bright green color, it’s a popular choice for southern parts of the United States.

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Warm-season grass seed that is great for laying down new turf, repairing bare spots, and overseeding.
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Multiple sizes available
A warm-season grass seed that is low growing and fine textured Bermuda turf for commercial and residential uses.
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A professional grass seed mixture that provides a quick and long-lasting coverage on warm seasons.
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Multiple sizes available
The ideal grass seed mix that offers fast establishment, exceptional tolerance, and strong coverage with two times the results.
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Warm-season grass seed that is sure to grow healthy, thick, and self-repairing grass for new and established lawns.
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A high-quality bermudagrass that is enhanced to provide great quality of turfgrass and break dormancy fast.
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A warm-season grass seed that produces hay production or grazing with a fine leaf texture and superior cold tolerance.
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A professional grass seed that is ideal for tropical, sub-tropical, and transition zones. Produces grass with great texture and color.

About Bermuda Grass Seed

Bermudagrass is known as a hardy, fast-growing, and attractive turf that recovers well from damage. It could be the right choice for your residential or commercial lawn, with its dense growth and tolerance of heavy traffic.

Where can I plant Bermuda Grass Seed?

Bermudagrass thrives in soil with a balanced pH level and adequate drainage. If this describes your property, and you live in a warm, humid area like the southeastern United States, this popular turfgrass could be a perfect match for your lawn.

Bermuda grass can adapt to other soil types and can survive some drought conditions, but does require regular watering, fertilization, and mowing to maintain its good looks.

How long does it take to grow Bermuda Grass from seed?

If you have prepared the area you wish to seed and experience ideal weather conditions during the growing season, a basic plot of Bermudagrass turf can be established from grass seed within about six weeks.

For livestock grazing, you’d want to let the grass mature a bit more. Let Bermudagrass grown from seed grow for eight to ten weeks before using for grazing purposes.

Learn more about how to care for Bermudagrass from our Bermuda Grass Information Guide.

What equipment do you need to plant Bermuda Grass Seed?

Most importantly, a pro-grade spreader can help you apply grass seed evenly and consistently across the entire cultivated area you wish to seed. Push-cart-style wheeled spreaders are available in several different sizes and capacities. If you have the space and need to seed a medium- to large-sized parcel of land, a two-wheeled spreader is a great tool to have on hand.

Smaller portable spreaders that are carried in hand are also available. These hand-held options can be useful in areas including uneven terrain where a wheeled spreader may be difficult to use.

Hand-held options include crank-driven spreaders with some mechanical assistance and simple shakers that one can use to spread at their feet as they walk over any type of terrain.

Finally, some types of grass seed have been chemically treated and should be handled with chemical-resistant gloves and other appropriate PPE. Any time you may be handling treated seed, check the product label for PPE recommendations. In most cases long sleeves and pants, closed-toe shoes, socks, and chemical-resistant gloves are recommended.

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