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B&G AccuSpray Professional (24000100)

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    Well I like it and I dont...

    By Anonymous on 07/30/2013

    Verified Purchase

    I use my accuspray very frequently. About ten refills per day. The spray head is exactly what you would expect from B&G. Rock solid and a great performer that should last for years and years. The bottle is where this starts to fall flat. The threading is actually a plastic sleeve that is slid onto the aluminum bottle and at least on mine was in no way actually attached to the bottle other than friction. The result is that when you tighten the pump assembly enough that pressure doesn't escape, the sleeve will just slip on the bottle when you try to unscrew the pump assembly to refill it. It was extremely frustrating until i carefully put some superglue on it and let it seep up under the plastic threaded sleeve so it would stay put while I am unscrewing the pump. I just expected a bit more than that from B&G. For the price, a solid stainless steel bottle with brass fittings (like their classic 1-gallon sprayer) would have made me much happier..... Other than that, it works great as a crack and crevice treatment tool and I have gotten several compliments from my customers.

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    An Ok sprayer

    By Ulises on 10/12/2012

    Verified Purchase

    I being using 1gal B&G for the last 5 years and they are the best So I decided to get this smaller one for small jobs.......and works great , however I think it won't last very long .

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    Good but not quality

    By Rick on 02/28/2018

    As previously mentioned, the plastic threaded sleeve attached to the bottleneck comes loose preventing me from unscrewing the head. Tried many ways to rectify but to no avail. Why not just tread the aluminum bottle? That would correct the abnormality of this unit. Great concept, just a bad design.

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