B&G Aerosol Delivery Unit, BASF Compatible ADUWM (24000050)


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B&G Aerosol Delivery Unit, BASF Compatible ADUWM (24000050)
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The B&G Aerosol Delivery Unit, BASF Compatible - ADUWM (24000050) is an innovative product that helps you apply aerosol to any desired surface. Everyone knows the frustration that comes when you can not spray an area because the can won't work when it is upside down. That's where B&G's professional Aerosol Delivery Unit comes in. The unit snaps to compatible aerosol cans, which include CB, BASFEcoSMART, and Whitmire Micro-Gen products, without any pesticide leakage. The product also stops leakage with its on/off valve and sure seal desgin. The holster keeps the can right side up, giving you the flexibility with the product's 6 ft hose to apply to any surface that would have been unaccessible before. This equipment works with aerosol cans.

Safety Precautions

  • Use only with a conventional, hand-held aerosol can.
  • Do not attach or spray if the aerosol can is leaking.
  • Do not inject aerosol into electric outlets or cable boxes.
  • Turn valve to ‘Off’ (horizontal) position when can is not in use.
  • Disconnect the delivery system when the aerosol can is empty of liquid.
  • When detaching the delivery system, first turn valve to the Off position (horizontal), pull up on the lock ring, then lift unit off the can.
  • Only use the recommended unit with the proper aerosol: Red hose units with Whitmire aerosol cans; Blue hose units with Waterbury aerosol cans.

Suggested Uses

This delivery system can be used with hand-held aerosol cans to apply solvent– or water-based insecticides. Treatment sites include exposed surfaces, cracks-and-crevices, and voids recommended by aerosol product labels.

Before Starting

  • Inspect the coiled hose for breaks
  • Inspect the junction between the coiled hose and the spray handle, and the coiled hose and the On/Off valve
  • Turn valve to Off (horizontal) position
  • Inspect spray tip and crack-and-crevice straw for dirt and obstruction

Connecting The Unit

  • The aerosol can must be upright and on a level surface
  • Remove the spray tip from the top of the aerosol can to expose the short plastic stem
  • Center the Aerosol Unit above the stem, then push down firmly to insert the stem into the bottom of the Unit
  • Push down the lock ring to secure the Aerosol Unit to the top of the can
  • Attach the spray tip from the aerosol to the short stem on the application handle
  • Turn the valve to the On position (vertical) to permit fluid from the can to full the coiled hose

Disconnecting The Unit

  • Before disconnecting the unit, be certain the aerosol can is empty
  • Turn valve to the Off position and empty the hose by spraying into an approved location
  • With the valve in the ‘Off’ position, pull up on the locking ring, then lift the canister clamp straight up and off the can

Care and Maintenance

  • Keep the Unit away from extreme heat and sharp edges that can damage the hose.
  • Always use the spray tip supplied with the aerosol can
  • Replace Unit when hose, valve, or locking ring are damaged

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04/26/2016 Hee from Palisades Park, Ca

QCan this B&G Aerosol Delivery Unit attach to PestXpert (new foam aerosol can)?


Due to the foaming action of the PestXpert Foaming Insecticide it would not be compatible with the B&G Aerosol Delivery Unit which is really designed to only be used with BASF aerosol cans.

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04/10/2016 Kenneth from Charleston, Sc

QCan I use my B&G aerosol delivery unit BASF compatible- ADUWM 24000050 for CB-80 Aerosol cans?
Can this be used on the CB-80 17 oz. aerosol can?


No, the B&G Aerosol Delivery Unit is still compatible with BASF aerosols, however, the updated can design of CB-80 and other FMC aerosols are†not compatible with this unit.

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05/11/2017 Jarrod from Dayton, Ohio

QIs the B&G Aerosol Delivery Unit, BASF Compatible ADUWM (24000050) unit compatible with Alpine flea & Bed Bug aerosol?


B&G Aerosol Delivery Unit, BASF Compatible ADUWM (24000050) is not compatible with Alpine flea & Bed Bug aerosol†due to this being an insecticide that can be broadcasted or used in cracks and crevices. †It can be used with the PT Alpine Insecticide which has a different stem on the can only for crack and crevices.

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01/15/2017 Ivan from Rockport, Ma

QWill the B&G Aerosol Delivery Unit work with MGK Aerosol Products?
Examples: Crossfire Aerosol, Bedlam and Bedlam Plus.


No the†B&G Aerosol Delivery Unit†is still only compatible with BASF aerosols.

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