Bird Barrier Eagle Eye Red Motorized Seagulls Kit (ee-03)


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Bird Barrier Eagle Eye Red Motorized Seagulls Kit (ee-03) eagle eye (kit)

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Bird Barrier Eagle Eye Red Motorized Seagulls Kit (ee-03)

Bird Barrier Eagle Eye Red Motorized Seagulls Kit (ee-03) is an all in one installation kit that includes one Eagle Eye (Red Hat), one 110 vac to vdc power supply, 12 crimp connectors (6 male, 6 female), 25-feet low voltage wire, one piece of 10 inch and 16 inch extension support tube, one 90 degree support tube, four 3 inch interconnection tubes, 20-self tapping screws, and one surface mounting bracket. The Red Hat model is designed and mainly used for seagulls. Eagle Eye is an optical bird scarer that effectively deters birds without causing them harm. It makes use of light beams that is reflected from direct sunlight or artificial light to avert birds from target areas. The reflective pyramid rotates via an electric motor that sends beams, which causes light spectrum to distract birds and limit their vision. That way, birds will tend to divert their flight and head to a different direction.

The Bird Barrier Eagle Eye Red Motorized Seagulls Kit is powered by 12 volt electricity that works from a converter that's plugged into a 110VAC. It comes in a complete package with all the tubing and connectors needed to make the installation much easier. The Eagle Eye is ideal in most places especially for large, open areas with pest bird problems.

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Assembling the Support

The Eagle Eye is designed to be mounted as high as possible. Please refer to a Bird Barrier representative for a free consultation on the most effective placement.

You will be assembling a rod connecting the surface to the Eagle Eye starting with the mounting plate.

From the mounting plate, you can attach a straight tube by utilizing one of the small 3” connecting tubes. These tubes fit in between the straight pipe and the mounting plate. Self- tapping screws will ensure a solid connection between the 3 pieces.

Following this method, a second straight pipe can be added as well for height using an additional connecting tube.

When using self-tapping screws, use caution not to pierce the wire.

For Wind Powered Units, assembly is the same, minus the wire.

Step 2: Running the Wire

Insert the lead out wire into the created pipe, starting from the mounting plate. Pulling the lead out wire out from the top of the pipe, be sure you have enough length to attach this to the wires protruding from the Eagle Eye itself, inserting a connecting tube between them. Once the wires are mated together, assemble the Eagle Eye to the straight tube using self-tapping screws.

Step 3: Final Preparations

On the end of the wire coming from the base, attach the lead out wire to the 12v power supply. The RED wire from the Eagle Eye is positive. In order to ensure the correct polarity, test the connection before finalizing the installation. The Eagle Eye should initially spin at a high RPM, even eventually returning to a steady slower RPM.

Vertical Installations

For a vertical installation, such as against a wall, please install the mounting bracket directly on the wall so the pole is protruding horizontally. Following the same procedure from the flat installation, install the 90 degree support tube and continue to mount the Eagle Eye on top with the wire connection being the same.

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