Bird Mites

Bird mites are a species of mite that feed on the blood of birds like chickens and sparrows. They tend to infest coops and other areas where birds live. Our selection of bird mite products will remove these mites to improve the health of your animals.

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Although birds themselves arerarely a problem that requires much attention, anyone living in proximity to them can become the victim of an annoying pest known as Bird Mites. These small parasitic insects usually live in and around bird nests, often feeding on the blood of birds, however if they get the chance they will enter a human dwelling space and you can sometimes find bird mites on humans as well.

Once on the new host they will bite and feed, Bird Mite symptoms include red marks on the skin, in addition to a severe itching sensation that is caused by its saliva.

How to Get Rid of Bird Mites 

Preventing birds from nesting near your home is the first step in minimizing your risk of a bird mite infestation. Removing half-built nests before they can be completed, sealing off all access points to attics or other spaces, and keeping birds from nesting or roosting on your roof are key steps in preventing bird mites from entering your home. If you do find bird mites in your home, locate the problem nest and remove it from your home or property. 

Treatment for bird mites, like vacuuming or wiping with ethyl alcohol on non-porous surfaces, or even just a damp cloth, can easily remove mites from your home. Using an aerosol pesticide formulated for mites and indoors (see products above) is also a good tool. You can also use D-Force HPX.
Also, Bird mites do not seem to survive well in low-humidity environments, so air conditioned or de-humidified homes are unlikeable for these pests.

So, to get rid of Bird mites: 

1.    Find Them

Bird Mites are extremely small (see image below), and it can be difficult to see them without a magnifying glass, but you should be able to find them easier once you have located a group of them.

The most common locations for an infestation of these pests are bedrooms, however they can be found in any area of a house or apartment where a bird’s nest is nearby.

2.    Use Bird Mites Treatment Products

Killing Bird Mites can be accomplished either through the use of a typical pesticide such as Steri-Fab or Bedlam insecticide spray, or by using a natural solution such as Diatomaceous Earth. If using the latter, be sure to evenly apply it over a wide area to give you the best chance of getting rid of all the Bird Mites that are taking up residence in your home.

Bird Mite Identification

Bird mites are very small, about a millimeter long. They are transparent if they haven’t fed, which makes them very difficult to see. If they have fed they are a reddish brown or brown. They have piercing mouthparts that allow them to take blood meals from birds. 

Bird Mite Life Cycle

Most Bird mites can complete their development in 5 to 12 weeks if temperatures are optimal and a host is present. This quick life cycle makes populations quickly explode. 

Bird Mite Habitats 

Bird mites can be found in nests of birds, especially in late spring and summer when fledgling birds are spending a lot of time in a nest. When their host leaves or bird mite populations become too large, the mites migrate en masse to find a new host. This is when the mites can enter a home, where they may bite the human or animal inhabitants to check for viability of the host.

Bird Mite Bites on Humans

Bird mites will only feed on birds. If they bite you or a pet, they are just checking to see if you are a bird. While they may repeat their test bites, they cannot reproduce without a viable bird host. Bird mite bites feel like a prick and symptoms of bird mite bites can be an itchy rash.

Bird Mites Pictures


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