Brown-banded Roach Control

Physical Appearance

The Brown-banded Cockroach is light brown in color, with two light, irregular bands along their wings.

  • The Brownbanded Cockroach one of the smaller species, rarely exceeding 1/2 inch long
  • Do not confuse this roach with the German roach, which has two dark, distinctive bands behind the head
  • The Brownbanded roach may jump when trying to escape


Brownbanded roach id and pictures

Brownbanded Roach - all stages of lifecycle


While the Brownbanded cockroaches is concentrated most heavily in the southern states, they have also been found as far north as Canada. Brownbanded roaches are often transported into homes in furniture and will rapidly spread throughout an entire structure. This roach does not like sunlight and is not normally seen during the day except in the case of severe infestations. During the day the Brownbanded roach will stay hidden high on walls, behind picture frames, inside cracks and crevices, in furniture and light switches and underneath or alongside household appliances. Since Brownbanded roaches do not require moisture for survival to the extent other roach species do, their presence is not limited to the kitchen or bathroom.

Feeding Habits

The Brownbanded Cockroach will eat almost anything, but prefers starchy materials.

Reproduction & Life Cycle

Brownbanded Cockroach egg capsules, each containing 14 to 18 eggs, may be found under or to the sides of well protected surfaces. Newly hatched brownbanded roaches will reach adulthood in about 160 days. Adults may life up to 10 months


Brownbanded cockroaches have the ability to multiply quickly and can be a nuisance in large numbers. Roaches intrude on homes, contaminate food, and sometimes transmit diseases.

Brownbanded Cockroach Control

*To get rid of Brown-banded roaches, follow our step-by-step cockroach treatment guide.


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