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    Outwitted by mice

    By Sabine on 07/22/2009

    Well, yes, I caught a mother and baby mouse in one night with cheese, but when I waited another night for the rest of the family to join them they had figured a way out. So this patent does not seem to be all that clever as compared with mice intelligence!

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    Thank you for your feedback! Mice are very cautious about new things in their environment. It is suggested when using a trap for mice, that it is not disturbed for 2 weeks. After a while, they will begin to investigate so it is best to leave it for at least 2 weeks before moving it to another area or before making any conclusions on the product's effectiveness. Also, please check out the product video on this page for tips and instructions on effective use.

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    Caught mutiple mice....

    By Vivian on 02/14/2013

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    However, they can escape it. I used the mice sticky pads, as I had no attention of releasing the mice back into the wild to breed more mice. The sticky pads caught a few....but a few have escaped after being caught. Several times I though the sticky pads had caught one...only to find that an hour later that mouse was off the sticky pad and in the "run-in" tube....and somehow several mice have found a way out. They can't have lifted the they must have found a way out where they came in. I'm still not sure how they do this...but some mice seem to be able to and then leave. And some mice do not seem to get fully stuck on the sticky pads. If you really want a live trap...and not hurt them...this sorta works. I wanted to be able to dump the sticky pad in the trash with the mice stuck to it....and that's a 50/50 kind of thing. About 50% do not get stuck...and 30% escape the trap on their own...after hours of running around on the inside.

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    Catchmaster Mouse Traps

    By Robert on 06/15/2018

    Be sure to use a heavy duty glue pad. Mice can escape the same way they get in. Although the trap door is suppose to close locking them in, they can escape easily. Also some of my traps that I ordered do not lock shut requiring tape to keep them closed. Disappointed since I used these before.

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