Chapin 8200A 80-Pound Residential Turf Spreader

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Chapin 8200A 80-Pound Residential Turf Spreader

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3.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 3.4

5 Reviews | 4 Q&A

Product Overview

Chapin 8200A 80-Pound Residential Turf Spreader features a unique edge control that makes it easy and helps direct product distribution. It has an innovative placement and design, allowing a wide spread pattern and an increased coverage. For precise gate adjustment, the product features a fully adjustable gate dial for seed or fertilizer. This push spreader has 12" tires that are fully pneumatic and can easily handle rough ground. The base of the hopper is fully supported by a heavy duty steel frame. An application chart allows user to dial in the correct application settings for the unit. The product also features enclosed acetal gears that are safe from debris and other elements.

Product Documents

Features and Specs

For use in Farms, home and garden, turf and landscape.
Application Seed (grass & plant), Seed, Fertilizers, Weed & Feed.
Pet safe Yes, if followed by directions on label.
Dimensions 23.75 x 18.75 x 26.50
Coverage Area Spread width up to 100 in.
Color Red and black
Material / Construction Powder coated steel frame
Special Features Pneumatic tires provide stability over uneven surface making it easy for the unit to go wherever it's needed.
Shipping Weight 29.60 lbs
Manufacturer Chapin (Mfg. Number: 8200A)
UPC 02388308200-0



Approximate assembly time is 5-10 minutes.

Suggested Tools:

Wrench and/or Ratchet Set

  • Remove bottom bolt from each side of handle (below thumb nuts Figure A).

  • Loosen thumb nuts on top bolts (Figure B) and flip up handle.

  • Replace bolts below thumb nuts and tighten down.

  • Tighten all 4 thumb nuts completely.

  • Note: If spring detaches from bail assembly, simply re-attach (see Figure C).


  • Be sure gate control is in the closed position (do not hold bail down when filling ).
  • Determine appropriate setting for material being used by reading the suggested setting on the material’s bag AND/OR by referencing the application chart on your spreader’s control panel (Charts provided are only guidelines. Be sure to read the instructions on the bag/box of the material you’re spreading to identify accurate setting needed).
  • Set the dial to the desired setting. Important Note: Do not adjust dial while holding bail down and gate is open. This will alter the accuracy of gate settings and cause parts to break.
  • To begin spreading, start walking (about 3 mph pace) and pull the bail system down to open gate.
  • To stop spreading simply let go of the bail and the gate will close


  • Adjust baffle by hand to block distribution accordingly.

  • Use wing nuts to adjust tension on baffle.


  • When finished spreading empty hopper of any remaining material.

  • Thoroughly wash spreader and allow to dry before storing.

  • To fold down handle:

    - Simply remove the bottom two bolts on the handle.

    - Loosen two thumb nuts and fold down handle.

    - Replace two bottom bolts.

    - Tighten thumb nuts completely.



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  • 3 of 5 Stars

    So far so good

    By Darrell on 09/24/2018

    I like the way this operates, however, I used Scotts fertilizer and set the gate opening according to instructions and put on way too much fertilizer. After some experimenting I ended up setting the Chapin at the same rate as Scotts. The Chapin chart suggested 3.25 Scotts equals 12 on the Chapin.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Chapin 80 lb spreader

    By Mark on 01/13/2017

    Love it. By far and away a much better spreader than I've ever gotten from scotts or others. Excellent item considering cost to quality. No hesitation recommending this spreader to anyone needing a new one. Customer service was great.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Chapin 8200A Turf Spreader

    By W. on 08/01/2017

    Assembly was very simple and all components appear to be first class. Loaded fertilizer (50 lb. bag) and applied to lawn. Spread appeared to be very even and compared to my previous spreader output time was cut by approximately 30-40 percent. I especially like the large tires for ease of movement and load handling capacity even though I only loaded 50 lbs on initial trial. The last few pellets of fertilizer didn't feed into bottom exit slot easily and had to "back & forth" spreader a few times. Clean up was easy. Very pleased.

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  • 3 of 5 Stars

    Its okay

    By Anthony on 03/11/2021

    Verified Purchase

    Works okay, the discharge deflector does not really do much. The gears sound plastic and have been grinding since almost day one. Went to use it the start of this season (second season) and gears were frozen. Sprayed some penetrating lube into the hole on the axle near the gears and eventually it started to turn again. I'd spend the extra money and get a better spreader

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  • 1 of 5 Stars

    Not the quality I associate with Chapin

    By Rod on 05/05/2023

    I purchased this model on line. It has never really worked. In my first application I put in 50lbs of crab grass preventer. The thing was almost impossible to push and very awkward. I called customer service they sent a new transmission. After fussing trying to install it was the wrong one.

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Questions & Answers

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Can Chapin All Season SureSpread Residential Push Spreader 80 lb spread sand
Chapin All Season SureSpread Residential Push Spreader 80 lb is not recommended to spread sand alone. Chapin recommends to mix 15-20% sand with for example salt before spreading.

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How far apart do I have to give for the proper overlap using Chapin 8200A 80-Pound Residential Turf Spreader ?

When using the Chapin 8200A 80-Pound Residential Turf Spreader  there are many factors to consider such as the speed of the person’s walk, length of stride, etc.  Because this varies greatly, Chapin recommends for customers to test a small area to see what kind of coverage they are getting and make any necessary adjustments from there.

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What is the spreader setting for Chapin 8200A 80-Pound Residential Turf Spreader to apply Scott's Weed and Feed?

Due to how many thousands of different spreader types and granulated products there are on the market, there are no master lists that allow us to know the spreader settings for each individual spreader and product used. 

The best thing to do to make sure you get the results you need from the product is to place the amount for 1000 sq/ft into your spreader and choose a setting somewhere in the middle or a notch or two below that. Walk a 1000 sq/ft area and note how much is being dispersed as you go. If you find the product is being put out too quickly and you feel you will run out before you cover the whole area, you can move the setting to a smaller option. If the opposite is happening and you find you have lots of product still in your spreader after you've covered 1000 sq/ft, you can move the setting up to release more product at a time. 

Please view our How to Calibrate Your Spreader Video for step by step instructions. 

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is there anyway to adjust the opening on the Chapin 8200A 80-Pound Residential Turf Spreader? The lowest setting allows too much Halts product out.

We would recommend contacting the manufacturer of your Chapin All Season SureSpread Residential Push Spreader 80 lb directly for more information on this and recommendations. You may reach Chapin directly at 800-950-4458. 

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