Chapin Industrial Poly Bleach Sprayer 1 Gal. (20075)

Chapin Industrial Poly Bleach Sprayer 1 Gal. (20075)

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Product Overview

The Chapin Industrial Poly Bleach 1 Gallon Sprayer (20075) is ideal to use for cleaning and remediation. It can be used for cleaning, degreasing even for janitorial, sanitation use. It's a poly tank, which is non- corrosive to most fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. It's durable and lightweight. It comes with a pressure relief valve that eliminates compressed air, making the tank easy to fill and clean. It has a sure-spray anti clog filter that prevents debris from clogging the nozzle of the tank. This poly tank is translucent, making it possible to view the tank level without the need of opening the pump cap.

Features and Specs

For use in Residential and commercial use.
Dimensions 7.38 x 7.38 x 15.00
Sprayer Type Nozzle type
Special Features Viton seals
SureSpray anti clog filter
Shipping Weight 2.36 lbs
Manufacturer Chapin (Mfg. Number: 20075)
UPC 023883200756


Viton Seals:

Equipped with Viton Seals in necessary key areas. Viton is a brand of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer commonly used in o-rings and other molded or extruded goods. The name is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers L.L.C. (Note: always consult the chemical manufacturer's instructions before choosing the type of Chapin sprayer for your specific need).

General Cleaning of Handheld Sprayer:

Always empty the sprayer and clean the tank thoroughly after each use. fill with water and replace Pump Cap tightly. Pressurize the unit by pumping (15 pumps). Squeeze shut-off (discharge) to empty contents through the nozzle. Repeat as needed.

Cleaning the shut off (Discharge handle):

Pull handle straight up to disassemble handle from shut-off. Insert notches from underside of handle into plunger grooves on the top of shut-off barrel and turn counterclockwise using the handle like a wrench. Remove plunger, diaphragm and spring from inside the shut-off. Wash the shut-off diaphragm with mild detergent.


Hold shut-off upright and place spring in hole, place diaphragm on top of spring and reassemble plunger and tighten. Tighten plunger clockwise until flush to top of shut-off body. Do not over-tighten or unit may not spray. To replace handle back into position on shut-off, slide forks under plunger, push handle down until it snaps into place.

Cleaning the Nozzle Assembly:

All Chapin compressed air sprayers are equipped with various nozzles for different applications. Though each nozzle provides the unit with specific functionality, all generally are configured the same way making cleaning simple and easy. Simply unscrew the nozzle by turning it counter-clockwise until the nozzle cap separates from the nozzle base. Clean both the nozzle base and the nozzle cap with appropriate cleaners recommended by the chemical manufacturer of the product you are spraying. If you insert something into the nozzle cap or base to aid in cleaning or remove debris, be careful not to force or ram out the inner cavity. This may affect the output and/or the spray pattern.

Storing and Maintaining your Sprayer:

The sprayer should be stored out of direct sunlight in a cool dry space.Before freezing weather make sure to drain all liquid in the tank, pump, pressure cylinder, hose, shut-off valve, wand and nozzle, to avoid liquid expansion and cracking in the sprayer components. Lock the shut-off valve in the “open” position When service is required call your nearest Chapin dealer and always insist on original Chapin manufactured replacement parts.Inspect the hose, wand, pump, tank and shut-off valve for wear, damage or leaks on a regular basis and repair defects promptly.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

Questions & Answers

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How far does the Chapin Industrial Poly Bleach 1 Gallon Spray shoot?

Do you have the option of stream or wide spray?

The Chapin Industrial Poly Bleach 1 Gallon Sprayer can reach about 10 feet when under pressure.  The nozzle can be adjusted to a funnel/pin stream or cone spray.

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Question about the spray nozzle...

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questtionion. My question is two-fold. Will this work with commercial grade (35%) hydrogen peroxide without corrosion? Does the spray nozzle have a fine mist setting? I'm looking for something that will spray in a wide stream.


Yes, the Chapin Industrial Poly Bleach 1 Gallon Sprayer can be used with hydrogen peroxide according to the manufacturer. The spray nozzle does not have a fine mist setting. It is just a basic nozzle cap that does a stream spray.

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Can the Chapin Industrial Poly Bleach Sprayer 1 Gal. (20075) be used to apply 2,4-D?

Yes, the Chapin Industrial Poly Bleach Sprayer 1 Gal. (20075) can be used with herbicides such as 2,4-D.

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