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    What a disappointment!

    By Dwight on 11/24/2012

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    I purchased this particular sprayer for one reason, and instead found that missing, plus four other reasons it should be returned. Chapin has a plastic 2 gallon sprayer I intended to get, but figured that I would step it up to the metal 2 gallon instead. Bad idea! I've been in the pest control industry for about 10 yrs. and I know what I'm looking for and need. This sprayer has several short comings. First, there's no release valve so your first experience will be a face full of chemical! Second, the hose is not of the best quality and is stiff and "feels" too short. Third, one of the main reasons I bought it was that I was hoping I wouldn't have to pump it seventy or eighty times to get it to pressurize properly, guess what, I have to pump it seventy to eighty times! (The pump is way too small!) Now fourth, there is no formal handle to work against when you are squeezing the trigger to spray, just the hose. What starts to happen after a while is that because you are squeezing that "narrow" handle mostly against the hose beneath, it begins to cut into your hand which is uncomfortable and tiring. Last but not least, fifth, be careful about pouring liquids into it to fast, the opening is small and will tend to back-up on you if you are not careful. Just buy the plastic sprayer you'll be happier. Nice shiny tank though!

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