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Chapin Wet / Dry Hose-End Sprayer #6005

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    Mine was junk and useless

    By Patrick on 07/10/2015

    The sprayer was a little tricky to figure out the right amount of product to put in. The manual was clear enough though. Everything was great until I started spraying. First off, I have very good water pressure, I had it connected and assembled correctly. When I turn it on the nozzle was leaking like a siv. Sure it was coming out of the selected nozzle option but it was pouring out of the other two holes, WASTING precious EXPENSIVE product....not a happy camper. It was running down my hands, the hose and all over the ground. I personally don't like getting pesticide all over me. The hose connection was NOT leaking. I'm talking about the nozzle. Not fun. I was only able to apply to about 1/3 of my half acre yard when the amount of solution was good enough for the whole thing. Also, the straw inside the canister kept coming out and wouldn't suck up the product. Who knows how long I was spraying just water all over the place before I noticed the product was not being depleted. I would have been better off using my hand pump sprayer. At least the product would have made it on to my yard correctly. So basically I just wasted a 16 oz bottle of insecticide and the sprayer is junk. No way ami using it again. I'll be asking for a refund or at the very least another sprayer to see if it was just a dud. Maybe even some more product due to the waste caused by the sprayer. Beware, you may get a dud. Perhaps look for a more professional sprayer. Pay a little more get a little more.

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    Save YOIur Money

    By Mark on 06/12/2016

    Directions are a mile off for liquids, or I got a faulty unit? Using the directions, mine empties the containerin 2 minutes on 3/g, 3 minutes on 6/g, 4 minutes on 15g or 5 miluntes on 21 g. Straw falls out every time you open it since it is cut on an angle so only 50% of it touches the surface of the holder. Quality is so low, doubt I use it again. If I walk fast, can cover about 1000 squate foot wth the unit set at 21, so about 1/2 oz of Bifex XTS is almost the correct rate. So I get to fill it up 32 times to get through 2 acres.

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    Save Your Money

    By Marie on 07/19/2017

    I purchase this along with another item. However, this sprayer could not hold the water hose when attached. It kept falling off and I was unable to use it and had to throw it away after the first attempt of using it.

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    Loved at first

    By Jacqueline on 05/25/2020

    This seemed like a great sprayer at first worked well. But, after half season, the on off slide button broke on one of the sprayers I purchased. Then at the the end of the first season the second sprayer stopped spraying all together. I'll be going back to a cheaper version. Really frustrating because I did love the attachments the first couple of months.

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