The Anderson's Contec DG 18-9-18 Fertilizer

The Anderson\'s Contec DG 18-9-18 Fertilizer

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Product Overview

The Anderson’s Contec DG 18-9-18 Fertilizer is specially formulated to provide a high level of potassium and nitrogen to growing plants. This granular fertilizer contains nutrients that are needed for optimum growth. It has manganese and iron that are essential in fighting against deficiencies. This product is a homogeneous granule that spreads into microparticles once watered, dispersing into the whole plant and reaching its roots. It may be applied at low rates but still gives complete coverage since it disperses into microparticles. Features MUtech which helps in maintaining the turf color and consistent growth plus, it has a low potential of burning since it offers low salt index. Its nitrogen is released through soil microbial activity, increasing its soil structure and nutrient performance. Available in a 40-lb. bag.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Total Nitrogen - 18% Available Phosphate - 9% Soluble Potash - 18% Sulfur - 8.60% Iron - 0.28% Manganese - 0.14%
For use in Turf, greens, tees, outdoors.
Application Use where high nitrogen and potassium application is desired or when iron and manganese are needed to help correct or prevent deficiencies during the growing season. Low: 2.78 lbs/1,000 sq. ft. and medium: 5.56 lbs/1,000 sq. ft.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label.
Formulation Dispersing granule formula.
Coverage Area 14,300 sq. ft at the low rate and 7,100 at the medium rate.
Special Features Contains manganese and iron.
Shipping Weight 40.00 lbs
Manufacturer The Andersons (Mfg. Number: ANGAGC181WMDG4)
UPC 031865320453



Apply only as directed. 

Use Contec DG Dispersing Granule Technology 18-9-18 where a high nitrogen and potassium application is desired or when iron and manganese are needed to help correct or prevent deficiencies during the growing season.

For turf:

Watering in this product will disperse each granule into thousands of particles. This will facilitate the movement of the nutrients into the soil. This particle dispersion will greatly reduce ball, shoe and mower pickup. Cold weather and/or cold water (lower than 45°F / 7°C) can result in slower particle dispersion.

Application to wet, close-cut golf turf may result in foliar staining, which will discolor the turf to a brown/black appearance. This can occur even if immediate irrigation or rainfall occurs. It is recommended that this product is applied to dry turf only.

Nitrogen Notice: For those states with nitrogen application restrictions, including but not limited to, MD, NH, NJ, and VA, do not apply more than 2.78 lbs of this product per 1,000 sq. ft. 

Phosphate Notice: This lawn/turf fertilizer contains phosphorus and is only for nonagricultural use on (i) turf during its first growing season, (ii) on turf areas being repaired or renovated, and (iii) on turf where a soil test performed within the last 3 years indicates a phosphorus deficiency. This fertilizer is not for the routine maintenance of turf. 

Application Rates:

  • LOW: 2.78 lbs/1,000 sq. ft.
  • MEDIUM: 5.56 lbs/1,000 sq. ft. 

For all applications:

  • Immediately after application, apply a minimum of 0.2 inches of water to disperse particles into the root zone. Due to variations in temperature and water pH, best results are achieved by splitting the irrigation into 2 applications at 10-15 minutes apart. This will allow for more thorough particle dispersion into the root zone.
  • Cold • weather (lower than 7°C / 45°F) can result in slower particle dispersion.

Cool Season Grasses:

  • Apply at the MEDIUM RATE during the growing season.
  • Use the LOW RATE during mid-summer (non-greens usage). 
  • Exception: On bentgrass and Poa Annua, apply at the LOW RATE if temperatures are 85ºF or above.

Warm Season Grasses:

  • Apply at the MEDIUM RATE during the growing season.
  • Use the LOW RATE during summer stress.

Notice: This product contains the micronutrient iron for extra greening and to help prevent iron Iron may stain concrete and other surfaces. Misapplied product to these surfaces should be removed promptly by sweeping or blowing. DO NOT WASH OFF WITH WATER. Particle color may vary from the lot. 

Do not apply near water, storm drains or drainage ditches. Do not apply if heavy rain is expected. Apply this product only to your lawn, and sweep any product that lands in the driveway, sidewalk, or street, back onto your lawn. 

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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What setting should be used for a Scott's Rotary Spreader to apply The Anderson's Contec DG 18-9-18 Fertilizer?

Unfortunately we do not have the spreader settings for that specific combo and the manufacturer does not list that spreader on their bag. Due to the thousands of granules on the market and just as many different types of spreaders, you will want to calibrate your spreader to the product you are using and its application rates.

Please view our How to Calibrate your Spreader Video for information on how to do this. 


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Is Andersons Contec DG 18 - 9 - 18 Fertilizer good for rubber trees?

According to the manufacturer, Andersons Contec DG 18 - 9 - 18 Fertilizer is not recommended for use on rubber trees. We would recommend contacting your local cooperative extension to see what they suggest for this particular species of tree. 

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