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Temprid FX Insecticide

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  • 13 of 14 people found this review helpful:

    By Jason on 09/06/2017

    My company has been using Temprid SC for almost 3 Years now we do about 20-30 Bed bug Extermination's a day in Michigan Temprid SC Has been very good to us with great results and it will be a great choice! But with all that being said Temprid FX Is the future for our company! They say it's the same formula but there is a difference I don't know what it is but there is a difference! Bed Bug knock down times are extermly faster almost immediate we almost couldn't believe it so we stayed and watched after being sprayed the bed bugs did not move at all they were dead soon as we seen the results we knew that this chemical would be the future. We used this in over 10 homes so far today in the Detroit area same results every time! Got to get back to work guys!

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    5 of 5 Stars   Miracle Solution!
    By Nicole on 11/24/2017

    I received this product and a few others 4 weeks after first discovering bedbugs, after trying several other cheap methods. I did 1-2 rooms per day. I removed all items that could be washed and dried twice, I put un-washable knick-knacks, lamps, pictures, books, etc into totes and placed in center of room. I sprayed perimeters of floors, ceilings, window casings, under and behind furniture and the items in my totes. I also used bedlam in furniture seams, and topped the room off with cimexa dust. I did not put fabrics/unnecessary tote items back into the room. I repeated the vacuum, spray, dust process after one week and slowly returned some items. Have not seen a single live bug or bite since first treatments! One month bug free!

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    5 of 5 Stars   Temptid FX
    By Kim on 11/10/2017

    Good and helpful to get rid of bed bugs

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)