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    Too early to tell

    By Eddie on 05/11/2018

    Well I can't say it's not working because maybe the dandelions that are coming out had already germinated. I did drop it before the soil temperature reached 60 degrees. I live close North West Indiana. Maybe next year less will come out. I dropped the correct quantity according to the label.

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    Crabgrass Control Plus

    By Jamie on 04/27/2018

    my lawn has weeds so I cannot blame the product for not killing them, I may have not gotten it down early enough. I also mow my own lawn so I will see as the season goes on.

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    First use

    By Badass on 04/19/2019

    First time purchasing and using this product so my review may not reflect what an experienced user would say about it. Being a newbie to DIY lawn care, I wanted something easier and safer than the WDG stuff. The label has all the information you need to determine rate needed per 1000 sqft for each grass type. Upon opening the bag I noticed the granules were quite large. I weighed out 3lbs of product to test spreader setting for 1000 sqft. The color of the granules are yellowish and black which made it a bit difficult to see coming out of the broadcast spreader so I would know where to start the next pass. Could have been the time of day. I just put it down 8 days ago from the time of this review so no idea how effective it will be. Price is reasonable as I have a 4000 sq ft lawn and at 3lbs per 1000 I only used about 12lbs of product so this bag will last for 4 applications. Not as cost efficient as the WDG stuff but easier and safer to apply. I do wish the granules were smaller so they would reach farther and wider coming out of the spreader.

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    Will it kill any of my grass too?

    By Lorraine on 09/30/2020

    If I am reading right, does this kill bluegrass? Isn’t bluegrass a good grass to have in the yard? I don’t want to kill any good grass I already have.

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