Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid—which means that it remains effective for longer periods of time.

Cypermethrin belongs to a class of insecticides known as synthetic pyrethroids, found in Cynoff EC, Cynoff WP, Cyper TC Termiticide, Cyper WP, and Demon WP pesticide concentrates. Synthetic pyrethroids are man-made insecticides created to mimic the chemical properties of the naturally-occurring insecticide pyrethrum, which comes from the crushed petals of the Chrysanthemum flower. Synthetic pyrethroids, like cypermethrin, are often preferred to the real thing as active ingredients because they offer the added bonus of remaining effective for longer periods of time.

Cypermethrin is among the most popular insecticide concentrates used to target common household pests.

Cypermethrin is commonly used as a crack and crevice or spot treatment for residual and contact control of spiders, ants, carpenter ants, scorpions, German cockroaches, ladybugs, carpenter bees, and yellow jackets. At we have a wide variety of do it yourself pest control products containing Cypermethrin in liquid and powder concentrates:

Cypermethrin Products

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A liquid insecticide that kills and controls insects indoors and perimeter foundations of homes.
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A liquid insecticide that kills and controls insects indoors and perimeter foundations of homes.

Cypermethrin begins working on contact for a faster kill.

Cypermethrin begins working immediately upon contact or ingestion, leading to insect knock-down and death. Cypermethrin kills by acting as a high-power poison to the central nervous system. Once poisoned, the insect’s nerve cells become excited, causing paralysis and preventing normal feeding and grooming activities. Absence of these activities leads to the insect’s eventual or immediate death.

Cypermethrin Toxicity

  • Cypermethrin has low toxicity to humans, mammals and birds.
  • Handlers of cypermethrin products should always read the product label and wear protective clothing as indicated.

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