Dismiss NXT Herbicide 60 oz.

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Product Overview

Dismiss NXT Herbicide features a new and improved formula which provides an effective control of yellow nutsedge, kyllinga and other labeled weeds on turfgrasses. It contains a combination of powerful active ingredients Carfentrazone and Sulfentrazone which guarantees a quick and long-lasting result in controlling unwanted weeds on both cool and warm-season turf. The addition of Carfentrazone reduces the rate of Sulfentrazone but still guarantees an excellent sedge control performance even at a lower rate. It also provides enhanced tuber mortality to help reduce growth of sedge population in the future and prevent weeds from coming back. Its fast-acting formula significantly shows visible results within 24 hours after application. It is ideal for use on residential, commercial and institutional lawns, athletic fields, commercial sod farms, golf course, and other non-crop sites such as railroad rights-of-way, highway, roadside, industrial areas, fence rows and more.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Carfentrazone-ethyl 3.53% Sulfentrazone 31.77%
Target pests Yellow Nutsedge, Kyllinga, Bittercress, Black Medic, Carpetweed, Chickweed, Clover, Cudweed, Dandelion, Foxtail, Ground Ivy, Henbit, Knotweed, Pigweed, Plantain, Spurge, Velvetleaf, Woodsorrel and others
* See Label for complete list
For use in Residential, Commercial & Institutional Turf-grass: Athletic Fields, Commercial Sod Farms, Golf Courses
Non-Crop Sites: Railroad Rights-of-Way, Highways, Roadsides, Industrial areas, Fence Rows
Application * See Label for complete application instructions
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Formulation Professional Product
Special Features Proven control on ALS-resistant Sedge
Shipping Weight 1.02 lbs
Manufacturer FMC (Mfg. Number: 11008409)
UPC 30035832571634
EPA Registration 279-3383




For best results, fill spray tank with one fourth of the volume of clean water needed for the area to be treated. Start the agitation system and add Dismiss NXT Herbicide to the tank. Make sure Dismiss NXT Herbicide is thoroughly mixed before application or before adding another product to the spray tank

Ground Equipment

Power sprayers:

Uniform and accurate spray coverage requires proper calibration, agitation and operation of spray equipment. The use of marker dyes or foams can improve application accuracy. Boom sprayers equipped with appropriate flat fan nozzles, tips and screens are ideal for broadcast applications. Power sprayers fitted with spray wand/gun may also be used for broadcast application after careful calibration by the applicator. Power sprayers fitted with spray wand/gun are suitable for spot treatments.

Hand operated sprayers:

Backpack and compression sprayers are appropriate for small turfgrass areas and spot treatments. Wands fitted with a flat fan nozzle tip should be held stationary at the proper height during application. A side to side or swinging arm motion can result in uneven coverage.

Apply this product in a sufficient volume of carrier solution to provide a uniform spray distribution. Spray volumes of 20 - 175 gallons per acre (0.5 to 4.0 gal/1,000 ft 2) with spray pressures adjusted to 20 - 40 psi are appropriate. Apply the higher spray volumes for dense weed populations.

Application to reseeded, overseeded or sprigged areas:

Reseeding, overseeding or sprigging of treated areas within one (1) month after application of this product could inhibit the establishment of desirable turfgrasses. Overseeding of bermudagrass with perennial ryegrass at two (2) to four (4) weeks after an application can be done if slight injury to perennial ryegrass can be tolerated. Best results are obtained for reseeding or overseeding when mechanical or power seeding equipment (slit seeders) are used to give good seed to soil contact and proper soil cultivation, irrigation and fertilization practices are followed.

Sod Production:

This product may be applied to established sod. Allow sod to establish a good root system, a uniform stand and to fill in the exposed edges. It is recommended that sod be established for up to three (3) months before an application of Dismiss NXT Herbicide. Do not apply this product within three (3) months of harvest.

Method and Rate of Application

For residual control of germinating weeds in non-crop land, apply this product as a broadcast treatment at 10.25 to 15.25 fluid ounces (0.280 to 0.410 pounds active ingredient) per acre by ground in a minimum of 10 gallons of spray solution per acre. Applications may be made by helicopter on railroad rights-of-way only.

Use labeled rates of burndown herbicides such as glyphosate, glyphosate - trimesium, diquat, 2,4-D, dicamba ,etc. as tank mixtures with Dismiss NXT Herbicide. Use recommended adjuvants for the herbicide tank mix partner. For all products used in tank mixes, refer to the specific product labels for all restrictions on tank mixing and observe all label precautions, instructions and rotational cropping restrictions.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Absolutely AMAZING on St. Augustine

    By William on 06/20/2018

    Verified Purchase

    I applied the Dismiss NXT in the evening to avoid the heat of the day. The product showed definitive results within 36 hours. Probably sooner, but I was out of town the next day. We are now at day 9 and all I can say is WOW! I wish I could upload pics to show the results. I did a blanket application at 1.25 oz for 4 gal or .3125 0z/Gal. My St. Aug is barely stressed at all, and the weeds are dying in droves. I didn't know how much weed activity I had until the dying weeds were contrasted with the St. Aug. There were some clover type weeds left standing, but for an all in one herbicide for St. Augustine, I can't imagine anything better for us here in the Southeast Texas area battling Kylinga, Nutsedge, and Torpedo Grass. Thanks to the Lawn Care Nut and the fine people at DoMyOwn for the excellent recommendation.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Dismiss NXT and Torpedo Grass

    By Bruce on 04/17/2020

    Listed as supress on label for torpedo grass. Used .350 ounces with 2 gallons of water for 1,000 sq ft. Applied three times with 3-4 week interval between applications. Have about 95% control of torpedo grass. Extremely pleased. Floratam (St. Augustine) looks great. Expensive product but worth it based on results.

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    12 of 12 people found this review helpful

  • 2 of 5 Stars

    Burnt My Yard

    By Rick on 08/02/2018

    I used Dismiss NXT on my yard. I have Zoysia grass. It's been a week now and it did kill both the Yellow and Purple Sedge very well but has taken a toll on my grass. I sprayed my yard at 8 ounces per acre. The recommended minimum of 10 ounces per acre is what is on the label. I decided to dial it down a little bit and am glad I did but I didn't do it enough apparently. 100% of my yard has yellowed to a very light green and yellow shade with about 50% of it getting brown and burnt. It looks terrible now. It was a very deep green and healthy looking before application. At this point I don't know if I will have any long term turf damage but will update this review if I do. I give the produce 5 stars for killing my target weeds but 1 star for making my grass look horrible. I'm just hoping I haven't killed some of my yard. I can't imagine what it would have done to it had I used the labels minimum to maximum amounts. Approximately 10-15 ounces/acre. I also sprayed my yard just before dark so it wouldn't be in the sun until the following afternoon. I'm hoping it will grow out and all will be ok but at this time, 7 days since application, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars


    By Andrew on 06/05/2020

    This stuff works. Absolutely crushing the weeds in my yard, Dallisgrass included. I have a lawn that is half Bermuda and half St Aug, and both are unscathed. Didn't use MSO or surfactant, just TurfMarker. Definitely worth the price. Smells like absolute cancer though, definitely keep the dogs out of the lawn for a few days. Apply 2 days after a mow, and 2 days before watering/rainfall.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Worked on my bahia grass.

    By Joe on 09/23/2018

    Took out the weeds on my bahia and left the bahia in good shape. It did damage the bahia a little but after a few growings and cutting it has healed perfectly. Now if only someone will come out with a product that will take out the Bermuda.

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    7 of 8 people found this review helpful

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Questions & Answers

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Does Dismiss NXT Herbicide have a upper limit heat precaution for St. Augustine?

Dismiss NXT Herbicide should not be applied during extreme temperatures above 80 degrees to avoid injury to turfs listed. There is not a specific degree listed on the label.

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20 of 25 people found this answer helpful

Can Dismiss NXT Herbicide be used to kill Torpedograss in St.Augustine?

Yes, Dismiss NXT Herbicide can be applied safely to St. Augustine turf to control Torpedograss.  

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19 of 19 people found this answer helpful

What does it mean that it will only suppress weeds such as Dallisgrass?

Basically no kill? I would like to use it on St Augustine grass. If it does not kill what do you recommend for a kill of Dallisgrass on St Augustine? TY


When an herbicide lists that it will "suppress" a weed rather than "control" it, it just means that the research provided from testing did not kill a high enough percentage of the weed in one application to receive a "control" approval, which is usually higher than at least 80 percent. So usually it means you need multiple applications and/or other cultural or chemical treatments to completely eradicate the weed. Dallisgrass is a weed that is notoriously difficult to eradicate quickly once it is established. Dismiss NXT would be a good choice for post-emergent. You can also use Dimension 2EW as a pre-emergent for dallisgrass.

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How long after applying Dismiss NXT can grass be mowed?

You should not mow 2-3 days before or after application of Dismiss NXT Herbicide  and most other selective post-emergent herbicides.

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Will Dismiss NXT control torpedograss in St. Augustine?

I have seen a lot of chatter that Dismiss NXT will suppress torpedograss in St. Augustine. Can you apply it as a pre-emergent?


Dismiss NXT Herbicide is labeled to suppress torpedograss as a post emergent/  Ti cannot be used as a pre-emergent.  There is currently not a pre-emergent herbicide labeled for it.  When an herbicide lists that it will "suppress" a weed rather than "control" it, it just means that the research provided from testing did not kill a high enough percentage of the weed in one application to receive a "control" approval, which is usually higher than at least 80 percent. So usually it means you need multiple applications and/or other cultural or chemical treatments to completely eradicate the weed.

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Dismiss NXT Herbicide 4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.4 (16 Reviews / 24 Q&A)

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