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    Good Results but not a cure all

    By Gj on 10/15/2021

    Fought fungus all year with hot and humidity summer. Planted new grass in fall after temp dropped. New grass immediately subcomed to fungus once about 2 inches high. Replanted and fungus was back. I had already bought the 20EW after last grass died. Hit new grass with max curative mix. 7 days later had to do it again. Grass still has not recovered from fungus but at least it is still alive. After check this funguscide does not fight Pythium Blight. I had that over summer. I do not believe new grass had Pythium Blight as temp dropped to below 70 at night but due to dew, fog and rain grass was constantly wet. The lesson is spray early and regularly.

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    By Pat on 06/12/2015

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    The price is right, but because the mildew is so bad in my trees it makes it hard to tell, but I try to keep an eye out for new infections. The old infections never get better. But next year I can start treating before the trees leaf out I used this product as a combo spray, and a stop-gap measure to cease new infections. All the recent rain has not helped either I will spray again after rain stops, and monitor closely.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)